#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: It’s Green! Does That Matter?!

Q: Hello Doctor! Help a lady she’s in need, Mmm my 3-month baby worries me. I breastfeed and use formula at the same time. His faeces are green. What might be the problem?? Thanks

A: Thanks for writing in.

In babies, green poo can be due to:

  • Baby not nursing sufficiently from one breast before being moved to the other breast. This means that the baby gets more (watery) fore milk than the fattier, nutrient-dense hind milk.
  • If baby is bottle-fed, it could be due to the particular formula being used. Try switching to another formula and see if it helps
  • Diarrhea
  • Inadequate intestinal flora in breastfed babies

Though this question is about babies, I’ll mention some cause of green poo in children and adults:

  • Eating a lot of veggies
  • Diet rich in iron
  • Diarrhea
  • Presence of green food dyes etc

I hope this helps.

All the best! J

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Still On Shoes…

Have you ever bought shoes and then found later that they appear quite tight…and despite everything the salesperson had told you about how the shoes will ‘expand’, it’s just not happening? Or perhaps, you find that when you buy shoes for your children the same happens and so, you are now consistently buying ‘Obi’s big shoes’  Well, this article is for you. It tells you when to buy and how to buy!

8 tips for buying shoes that are good to your feet http://www.health.harvard.edu/healthbeat/8-tips-for-buying-shoes-that-are-good-to-your-feet

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Daily health tip…safe heels?


Yesterday, after my post on shoe shopping, someone asked me about the effects of wearing very high heels! That was like a blow below the belt! I love my heels! I am petite (that’s fancy grammar for vertically challenged or not very tall. I draw the line at using the ‘s’ word :D). I also walk like a soldier (no kidding) whenever I wear flats…no regard to finesse et al! I probably missed all those classes where catwalks were taught (sigh!). So how do I live without my heels; I’d be looking up to everybody!!! But more seriously, the question is ‘are heels good for your feet or not?’

Truth is high heels can create deformities by altering the normal shape of the foot, can cause problems with your Achilles tendon (the prominent tendon at the back of the ankle), cause foot pain and increase the possibility of sprains and…

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#HLWDK Daily Health tips: Hot Flushes

Q: Hello Dr. please post for me and hide my ID. Just wanted to find out when ‘hot flushes’ end.  I am 52 going on 53 years old soon.  I started having hot flushes when I was 39 years old.  I haven’t had my pees (periods) for over a year now but still have the hot flushes. It can be embarrassing at times.  If there is any remedy? Please advise. Thanking you in advance

A: Menopause is a period defined by at least 12 months of cessation of menstrual period. It occurs as a natural process of aging which can start as early as late 30s as the ovaries start making less amounts of hormones (estrogen) but typically around the 40s and 50s. Menopause can also be induced by chemotherapy or radiotherapy (treatment for cancers), surgical removal of the ovaries etc. This is called premature menopause and is likely to run in families.

Symptoms of menopause can start months or even years before the cessation of periods and may last for up to four years (and sometimes even longer) after your last period as appears to be the case here. Common symptoms include:

  • Reduced sex drive
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Night sweats
  • Difficulty with sleeping
  • Anxiety
  • Hot flushes, as you have described

Hot flushes are typically described as a sudden feeling of heat that seemingly appears from nowhere and spreads throughout the face and body. This may happen occasionally but some women have several episodes a day, which they find uncomfortable and embarrassing.

The real culprit here is the deficient hormone, estrogen but this can also be triggered by wearing thick clothing, a high temperature, anxiety, drinking coffee or alcohol, eating spicy foods, some medicines etc

To reduce these symptoms, focus on the related cause. Examples include reducing coffee and alcohol intake, keeping the room temperature cool, sipping on cool drinks, having lukewarm baths/showers as opposed to hot ones, reviewing medicines with doctor if you suspect the medicine you are taking etc. Other helpful tips include spraying your face with some cool water if you feel a flush coming on, wearing more of cotton fabrics and stopping smoking.

Treatment for menopausal symptoms (including hot flushes) include hormone replacement therapy, eating healthy, balanced diets, exercising and cognitive behavioral therapy for people with anxiety. Your doctor will be able to assess what will benefit you most after reviewing any other medical condition you may have.

All the best!

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Daily Health Tips: Nose Bleeds


Q: Good morning Doc. Sorry for disturbing you this early morning. Doc, my two year old son woke up this morning, bleeding from his nose this morning with blood all over the bed sheet, though I will be taking him to the hospital later. But you see Doc, this country where we live, they behave somehow. They might just give him Paracetamol and antibiotic without running any test on him and this is the second time it’s happening to him. Please, please Doc, I really need your advice.
A: A nose bleed is called epistaxis and can happen from one or both nostrils. It can be heavy or light and last for a few seconds or a couple of minutes. It can be very frightening. I’m sure you were spooked this morning. However, thankfully, they are not usually a sign of very serious conditions.
Causes of nose bleeds…

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Daily Health Tips: Why Do I Have Acne (Pimples)?


Q: Please Dr, how can I cure my pimples naturally?

A: Pimples or acne are always a serious concern for males and females of all ages. When you’re a teenager, it appears life is generally miserable when you have a lot of these and when you’re older, it’s embarrassing and almost as if, you didn’t pass through rites of the teenage years and now have to deal with it at this age 😀 Either way, it can be a source of emotional upset. Stressing out about it, now makes it even worse as stress can make acne worse even if it doesn’t directly cause it.

Acne happens when hair follicles get blocked by dead skin cells and oil. They are most frequently found on the face, back, shoulders and neck.

Pimples are usually increased or aggravated by hormones which are in abundant supply during the teenage years, pregnancy, before the…

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Daily Health Tips: Dripping Nose!


Q: Good Evening Dr. Please, I need your help on this. I have been married now for 7yrs and I dated my husband for 2 years. Please, the problem is running nose. His nose never dries. In fact, it’s worse at night. Please, what can he use? Thanks
A: Well, it may be due to allergy known as allergic rhinitis (pronounced Rine-Ai-Tis). This condition, also known as hay fever, occurs when your immune system over-reacts to certain substances in the air (allergens), marking them out as intruders.
The resulting symptoms are due to some chemicals released in the body like histamine. These substances cause sneezing especially when you wake up in the morning, runny nose, watery itchy eyes and itchy ears, nose and throat, which could occur seasonally or be present all year round. In fact, the symptoms written above are as good as a text book description…

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