Daily Health Tips: Why Do I Urinate Whenever I Laugh Since I Had My Baby?


Q: Hey Doc. I have a nine months old son and since I had him up till this present moment, I do pee whenever I laugh, cough or sneeze. My question is, is it normal for me to still be experiencing this and also what can I do to stop it? Do I need to visit a Doctor? Thanks for always being there. God bless you always.

A: God bless you too and congratulations on your new baby, though he’s all grown up now…all of 9 months!

As a result of the pressure and stretch experienced by the pelvic floor muscles (which support the bladder and other organs) due to the pressure of the growing baby and pregnancy hormones, stress incontinence (urinating when you sneeze or cough or even laugh) happens. It is not abnormal and there is a very simple exercise that helps you deal with this. It’s called…

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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Itching Rashes


Q: Please what causes itching
rashes on the body?

A: Body
itching can be caused by different conditions including:

of skin rashes is, of course dependent on the cause. It may include any or a
combination of medications (anti-histamines), wet dressings on affected areas
and phototherapy. If the itch is severe enough to affect your daily…

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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: UTI & Scabies


Q: Good Day Dr, Please, I need your advice. I’ve been experiencing pains and an urge to wee again each time I finish urinating for the past 6 days now. Rashes all over my neck and shoulders, though we’ve been battling scabies my son brought home from boarding school since 3 months now. These rashes are itching me badly. The vaginal pains started 2 days after unprotected sex with my hubby. We’ve using condom since after my fourth baby.

A: Urinary Tract Infections occur anywhere in the urinary tract (Genius me, right? :D) and include infections of the kidneys, the ureters (the tubes that connect the kidneys to the bladder), the bladder (the reservoir or store house for the urine) and the urethra (the tube that transports the urine from the bladder to the outside).

So, who is more likely to have an infection and why? Women are more likely…

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Daily Health Tips: Bleeding Gums!


Q: Doctor, why do my gums bleed while I’m cleaning regularly?

A: Gum bleeding during regular cleaning may be due to a number of causes.

Gum Infection, wrong cleaning method, use of hard bristle brushes and, bleeding disorders could all cause this.

I would advise you be gentler in your brushing, it’s not how hard you brush that gets the teeth clean; it’s the method used.

Brushing in a circular motion removes all the particles in between the teeth and prevent holes forming in the teeth or other infection. Brushing from side to side is not a good method and should be avoided as the gums often get injured when using this method.

Brushing twice a day, spending at least 2-3 minutes on this activity is recommended. Use of saline gargles can also help. This is prepared using a glass of warm water, add half a teaspoon of salt, mix…

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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Tips For Healthy Skin


Q: What can I eat to have a lovely skin?

A: Hi dear, thanks for writing in.

I will give you general tips for keeping your skin, nice and healthy.

Moisturise, mositurise and moisturise! Long hot showers/baths may sound very tempting but they dry out your skin. Opt for short showers. Immediately after you have a bath/shower (with cold or warm water as opposed to hot water), pat your skin dry…leaving some moisture still on it, and then apply moisturizer at this time. This locks in the moisture. Look for moisturisers that contain ingredients like isopropyl palmitate, propylene glycol linoleate, squalene, and glycerol stearate, jojoba oil, lanolin, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, sorbitol, propylene glycerol, urea, and lactic acid (Long list, aye :D). These ingredients provide the mix of keeping the skin soft, smooth and pliable and then also draw moisture from the atmosphere to the skin’s surface increasing hydration.

If you…

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Daily Health Tips: Bed Wetting In A 23-Year Old


Q: Good day Dr, please what could cause a 23 year old girl to be bed wetting? My niece that stays with me bed wets almost every night while my less than 3 year old son does not.

A: Bed wetting hardly happens once a child gets to the age of 7 years. However, for a small percentage of children, this continues for a while longer. We will talk about bed wetting in children another time. Today’s bed wetting discourse is about this problem in adults. What could lead to bed wetting in adults?

This usually indicates a medical problem like Diabetes Mellitus, prostate problems (prostate cancer or prostate enlargement), bladder cancer, urinary tract infections or urinary tract stones. Sometimes though, it could also be due to an emotional disturbance or anxiety.

Treatment of adult bed wetting will be focused on the underlying cause. For instance, if it is due…

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Daily Health Tips: Can I Mix Exclusive Breastfeeding With Formula Feeding?


Q: Hello Doctor. During the time of breastfeeding (0 – 6 months), is it okay to feed the baby with other milk? And according to medical recommendation, when is it the right time to start mixing other kinds of milk like Lactogen with breast milk?

A: Thanks for writing in. Is it okay to feed your baby with other milk during the first six months? No! During the first six months, your baby should be getting pure, unadulterated breast milk. After this period, you can now include infant formula. Remember that your baby should not get regular cow milk until he/she turns 1 year old.

For more tips on breastfeeding and weaning, please click on the following links:


Have a great night, people 😀

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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Self-Prescribed Antibiotics For Ear Pain


Q: What will happen if I take amoxicillin without the prescription of my doctor? I take it because my ear is aching and I do not know why and now I feel dizzy. I thought it would ease the pain that I am feeling right now. Please reply

A: Hi! I am quite convinced that this is a serious matter with that crying face J

First, please go and see your doctor. Why would you take amoxicillin without knowing whether the pain is due to an infection or not? There are so many different causes of ear pain and I’ll give you a small list below:

Ear pain with fever can be due to ear infections or a cold. For more on ear infections and colds, please click on the links: https://chatwithdrketch.com/2016/10/18/daily-health-tips-ear-infections/ and https://chatwithdrketch.com/2015/08/08/having-a-cold-heres-your-survival-tool-kit/

Ear pain with pain when swallowing can be due to sore throat and tonsillitis. For more…

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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Nasal Polyp or Allergy?


Q: Good evening Doc, please I want to ask what other way can you use to  cure nasal polyp and what is the correlation with  allergies?

A: A nasal polyp is a painless small growth in the nostrils with a stalk protruding from a surface. Though harmless, they can keep growing and block the nose if left untreated. Patients typically use the terms ‘stuffy nose’, ‘blocked nose’ or nasal congestion to describe this condition because of the obstruction (blockage) to the flow of air, in and out of the nose. It is not clear what causes this but it is thought that having asthma, allergy to air-borne fungi and a drug reaction to aspirin could predispose one to it.

Stuffy nose is the same description that patients with allergy use to describe their situation. In this condition, an individual’s immune system reacts in an exaggerated manner to certain foods or…

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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Am I Pregnant Or Not?


Q: Hey Doctor, I hope you are fine. I went to visit my hubby in November, then we had unprotected sex for 2 months. In February, I started to feel something funny about my body. When I get up, my pressure goes up and I have back pain. I thought it was nothing. In my tummy I could feel something beating fast. In March, I started vomiting whenever I ate chicken. In addition, I have green lines on my chest and my hands. My boobs got big and hurt. My periods didn’t stop but only going for 3 days now – weak blood. Now I am ugly. I have pimples and my tummy is too big. Yesterday, I went to a doctor. He touched my tummy and he said he can ‘hear’ the baby’s head but the time he touched it, it hurt. So, he sent me to scan and …

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