Daily Health Tips: I Am Scared Because I Have Hernia.


Q: Hello Dr Ketch, I am a female; 42yrs, single and I have no child yet. Last year, I noticed a swollen part beside my navel (top of my stomach). I went for scan. It states that it’s a hernia. How can it be cured besides surgery. I am really scared. Please help me!

A: Hernia is the protrusion of an organ through a defect (like a hole or opening) in the wall of the muscle or cavity which usually holds it in place. There are different types hernias (or herniae) and they include:

Inguinal hernia: The most common type of hernia. It usually happens in situations where the pressure inside the abdomen is increased.

Other hernias include incisional hernia (where a protrusion develops from the site of a previous surgery, especially abdominal surgery), femoral hernia (which has the same risk factors as inguinal), umbilical hernia (common in black children…

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Fewer allergies: A possible upside of thumb sucking and nail biting – Harvard Health


A while back, I got this question…

Q: Hi, Good day ma’am! Thanks a lot for the way you have been helping lots of people with their problems. How does one stop a child from sucking her thumb always in a healthy way?

A: Interesting question!

Children suck their thumbs at an early age as a means of soothing themselves or coping with stress/anxiety or even when bored. Usually, this habit would stop between the ages of 2 to 4 years old. If it continues longer than that your baby’s teeth start to give way to accommodate the thumb leading to a situation where your baby’s upper teeth no longer align properly with the lower teeth. It can also lead to speech problems.
How do you stop a child from sucking his thumb? Hmm, I’m sure that lots of people can share a lot from their personal experiences eg tying…

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Are fats so bad? – Harvard Health


‘For years, fat was a dirty word in the dietary world. After World War II, large studies established links between saturated fat and heart disease. Most dietary experts advised people to reduce their fat intake, not only because of the heart connection, but also because fat has more calories per gram than protein or carbohydrate and was assumed to contribute more to weight gain.’

Read more here: http://www.health.harvard.edu/healthbeat/are-fats-so-bad

Happy Easter in advance! 😀

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Daily Health Tips: How Come I’m Adding Weight Despite Switching To Oatmeal?


Q: Doc, good morning. Please does eating oats make one to add weight because I have changed from garri to oats but friends say I am getting bigger.

A: I have received a couple of questions on oats since I posted on oats, bloating and weight loss.
Now, remember that even when a particular food is touted to be a healthy option, it still has calories (perhaps, except for water) and so if you take more than what you need, you will certainly add weight.
There’s a funny thing that tends to happen when people start doing ‘healthy stuff’. They, sort of, compensate for their hard work with unhealthy stuff…weird, right? I’ll give you an example. Someone goes to the gym, gets back home and eats a huge plate of white bread (perhaps about 6 slices). About 3 boiled or fried eggs, 2 glasses of sugar-filled juice or any…

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Daily Health Tips: Oats Make Me Feel Bloated!


Q: I’ve heard that taking oats is good for me,,,but I have found that when I take it, sometimes, it makes me feel bloated. What do I do?

A: Good question, I reproduce my post on bloating. It ansers this question, pretty well.

Bloating is usually caused by the twin factors of what you have eaten and how you chose to eat it.
For what you have eaten, easy culprits are rich, fatty foods, beans, dairy (especially in lactose intolerant people), high fibre foods like oats (if lots of water is not taken afterwards) etc.

How can how you eat cause you a problem?

If you tend to over-eat or rush your food (eat it very fast or like a friend of mine would say, ‘inhale’ it :D), then you are a target for bloating. The reason is that you eat so fast that you don’t give enough time for…

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Daily Health Tips:Male Circumcision


Q: Good day to you, Doctor. Thank you so much for all the useful health tips and advice! Please doctor, my sister just had her baby boy circumcised in five days. The plastic ring has dropped by itself. The tip of the penis now looks very fragile. We’re thinking of applying a little bit of petroleum. Although we’ve called the pediatrician and he advised that we leave it like that. In what other ways can we keep caring for the baby to make him comfortable and aid quick healing of the penis? Thanks!
A: Thank you for writing in and for taking your job as aunty very seriously! 😀 By the way, congratulations!
Male circumcision is the removal of the fore-skin of the penis. This practice is usually tied to religious beliefs, traditions and sometimes, just personal preference. More recently, it has been suggested that circumcision may also…

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Daily Health Tips: Waiting To ‘Take In’ After A Miscarriage


Q: I had a miscarriage eleven months ago and since then have not been able to take in. What do I do?

A: Condolences on the loss of your baby! I can’t imagine what it must have felt like going through this experience!

But….don’t give up! You can still have a baby.

Unfortunately, often times, the cause of a miscarriage is not identified. You need to understand this so that you don’t blame yourself unduly. Having said that though, first trimester miscarriages are mainly due to problems with the baby/fetus. These problems could be due to problems with the placenta. This is how the baby receives its nutrients in the womb and so, if this organ cannot deliver, a miscarriage might occur. There may also be a problem with the baby’s chromosomes, such that a baby may receive too many or too few genetic materials or there may be a…

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Daily Health Tips: Corset Vs Waist Cincher


Q: Good day Doc, I really appreciate your words for healthy living. Please, can you help me with the difference between waist corset or cincher and is it healthy to put them on?
A: Okay! I’ll probably make enemies after this post! 😀
The corset has been used by women for centuries to get that absolutely fabulous hour-glass figure! This appeared to die off after a while but has made a huge resurgence since a TV star made it a signature piece 😀 It’s usually made from cotton and is laced at the back. Cinchers on the other hand, can be seen as types of corsets and can be made from cotton or latex fabric. They usually come with hooks for fastening or even zips.
Wearing a corset changes your shape by shifting your existing mass into a new shape creating the hourglass silhouette: D This may…

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Daily Health Tips:My Baby Has Lost Weight!


Q: Good day Doc. Please I have a 5months and 3 weeks old baby. I went to the hospital and checked her weight and she weighs 6.8 kg. The doc said dat she is not gaining enough weight because as at 4 months, she weighs 6kg. I am confused on what to do because she weighed 3.6kg at birth. I expected her to be big by now but she is not. What should I do? Thank you
A: Thanks for writing in.
Well, this will be a cause for concern for any mother. However, it all depends on what the doctor found on examination. Healthy babies may go through periods when they are not adding weight or doing so minimally. The doctor will be more worried about the trend, for instance what is happening to the baby’s growth from one clinic attendance to the next.
The issues…

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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: World Health Day 2021

Today is World Health Day with the theme, ‘Building A Healthier, Fairer World For Everyone’
COVID-19 showed how far we were from universal health coverage – a situation where all people have access to the good quality care that they need without suffering financial hardship. The poor were pushed further into poverty and had to struggle to cope with the health and economic fallouts of the pandemic. Government should provide access to good quality healthcare for the population
How are you contributing to this them

e? How can you build a healthier world, starting with you? What you eat? Exercise or lack thereof? 🙂 Keeping your environment clean?
Drop a note and let me know!

How was your day?

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