Daily Health Tips: Can I Use Tissue Paper To Clean Up After Having IUD Inserted?


Q: Hello doctor how are you doing? Please, I just did coil family planning (IUD). The midwife told me not to use tissue or water to wash my Vagina to avoid infection… that the best thing for me is to live it like that after urinating. And also my hubby should not finger me while having sex so that it won’t shift. Thanks. Please I hope the coil will not shift if I’m doing tummy exercise.

A: Thanks for writing in and I’m still shaking my head in amazement about all the words of advice the midwife dispensed. Now, if this same midwife was the one who inserted the IUD, my first advice will be for you to go to another hospital and get it checked out. We need to be sure that this was properly inserted to start with.

People with IUDs are not sentenced to a life of…

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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: On Semen Flow-Back And Pain…


Q: Good morning Doctor. Thank you for the great work you are doing. May God reward you ma’am. Please, what’s the cause and treatment for pain while having sex and sperm discharge immediately after sex?

A: Pain during sexual intercourse is more common with women but can also happen in men. The first question above was sent in by a woman and the second one was sent in by a man. This condition is called dyspareunia in medicine.

Dyspareunia is a condition in which one experiences pain during or after sexual intercourse. In women, the cause may be due to:
• Vaginismus: a condition in which the vaginal muscles go into spasms when an attempt is made at penetration.
• Lack of adequate lubrication eg due to hasty foreplay etc
• Infections of the vagina (like candidiasis as mentioned in the question) or urinary tract can also cause pain during sexual…

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Simple swaps to eat less salt – Harvard Health

‘Learn the most common sources of sodium in your diet and some easy substitutions you can make.’


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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: What Is Hepatitis B?


Q: Please ma’am, I want to know the meaning of Hepatitis B, and the effect on someone and the treatment for it

A: Hepatitis refers to inflammation (a situation that causes swelling, redness, heat and pain of affected area) of the liver cells caused by a viral infection or damage to the liver as a result of drinking too much alcohol.

The liver is an organ in the body which is usually found on the right side of your abdomen, just under the rib cage. Its job is to ensure that toxins taken into the body are rendered harmless, food is digested properly and the nutrients available in it, properly absorbed.

There are different types of hepatitis and some of them will not cause serious problems while others will cause long lasting damage to the liver and could lead to cancer.

The symptoms of liver disease include yellowness of the…

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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips:Itching All Over Her Body!

Q: Hi doctor! Please I need your help. My friend has this problem for a long time, all her body is itching her and when she scratches any part of her body, it gets swollen. She has used everything they asked her to use but it’s not working. Please help her, because she said that if it starts, it’s like she’s going crazy when she’s scratching her body. I will be glad if you can help us. God bless you

A: Body itching can be caused by different conditions including:


Treatment of skin rashes is, of course dependent on the cause. It may include any or a combination of medications (anti-histamines), wet dressings on affected areas and phototherapy. If the itch is severe enough to affect your daily life, lasts more than 2 weeks, keeps coming back, is all over your body, is associated with other symptoms like yellowness of the eyes, please see your doctor immediately.


What can you do at home to provide relief and minimize harm to yourself? I’ll split them into dos and don’ts


  • Keep your nails short so that you don’t do mortal damage if you do scratch J
  • Or if you don’t want to do that, you could wear gloves to sleep at night – that way, even when you scratch unconsciously, no harm done
  • Try patting the itchy part instead of scratching
  • A cold compress held against the itchy part can also help reduce itching
  • Wear more cotton fabrics to allow your skin breathe and not chaff your skin
  • Use cotton beddings for the same reason


  • Avoid hot baths. Keep bath water cool or lukewarm. Want to know why? Read this!
  • Avoid vigorous drying off after a bath. Dab your skin dry
  • Avoid perfumed products – soap, deodorants, shower gels, lotions etc
  • Avoid tight-fitting clothes. They make a bad matter (itch) worse
  • Avoid harsh detergents for laundry
  • Avoid spicy foods – they increase blood flow to the skin and make itching worse


Have a good evening 😀


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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Hygiene/Wellness Tips For Milk

Nobody wants to smell, much less taste horrible, spoilt milk. It leaves a terrible taste in your mouth! However, we may not quite know how long to keep our milk stored and how indeed to store them. Here are my tips to consider when shopping for or storing milk:
• Be sure to check for expiry dates and buy the milk with the farthest expiry dates first. Once a pack of powdered milk has been opened, it should be consumed within a month
• For powdered milk, make sure it’s fortified with Vitamins A and D
• For powdered milk, once re-constituted, it should be stored in the refrigerator and used up within 3 days. The same goes for fresh milk
• If you store re-constituted milk in the refrigerator, please store on the fridge shelves and not on the door as the temperature on the shelves is lower (colder) and so micro-organisms will think twice before making a home there
• To really enjoy your milk, be sure to keep the containers properly closed and away from strong smelling foods in the fridge or pantry. You don’t want onion smelling/tasting milk first thing in the morning, do you?
So, what are you waiting for? Get your milk mustache going!
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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Incorporating Milk Into Daily Diet

Do you find it boring to just drink milk? Do you have the same problem with your children? My elder sister would never drink milk when we were younger… not even to save her life. It wasn’t lactose intolerance…she just hated the taste. However, she would gladly take it in cereal. Interesting! So, what innovative ways can we use to incorporate milk into our diets?
• Add milk to your children’s breakfast cereal. Either use it instead of water as the fluid for making your oatmeal in the morning or pour it over their cereal
• Add milk to your smoothies. Juice and or blend the fruits and then add some milk to it and blend it all up. It tastes like heaven on earth!
• After running around and getting loads of exercise outside, when your children come in, offer a cold glass of milk. It could be regular milk or chocolate milk or just milk with a little flavouring in it like vanilla or butter scotch. Recent research shows that it’s a great pick-me-up after physical activity. The fact that it’s cold may encourage your sweaty I-don’t-like milk child to give it a try.
• Use milk to make home-made yoghurt and get your children involved and bond some more. Recipe below
• You can use milk to make some super delicious milk shakes. Everybody loves a milk shake. An easy one to make is a combination of milk, some fruits (eg mango) and crushed ice. Put all into a blender and whizz away. Watch while blending because if you blend for too long, it becomes runny. You want it nice and sorta thick….and utterly delicious!
So, now you can rustle up more wonders from your kitchen. Go for it!
Yoghurt recipe
• Get your measuring cups, warm water, a clean dish towel,, some already made (store bought yoghurt with pro-biotics, an airtight container and milk. This recipe uses powdered milk
• Mix one cup of milk with 4 cups of warm water. Whisk it all up.
• Scoop out one cup of the mixture and add a quarter cup of your already made yoghurt with pro-biotics
• Then pour the mixture from the point above to the milk mixture and whisk.
• Pour in an air-tight container and cover with the tea towel.
• Do not move, mix or stir the mixture during the ‘setting’ process. Leave it for at least 4 hours. I usually leave mine overnight and wake up to a jar of fabulous home-made yoghurt!
So, mix up your own batch and after the first go, feel free to mix and match the recipe as you like. As you can see, there was no added sugar to mine…wink. This recipe can also use bottled milk in which case it has to be warmed before (not boiled) before use and repeat all other steps as above.
Have a fab weekend!
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