#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Menstrual Hygiene Day 2017

Today is Menstrual Hygiene Day.

When I was younger, I hated going shopping with my mum to buy sanitary towels or pads. She would ask me to pick them out and I would absolutely feel the whole world was looking at me! The embarrassment is better imagined than felt! I would get them and bury them under whatever else we had bought! My mum could not understand what all the ‘drama’ was about. She would jokingly ask me whether I felt the people in the shops would actually be surprised to know that a big girl like me was ‘seeing’ her period. I didn’t care. It didn’t stop the embarrassment J

Fast forward to many years later….now I walk into shops and don’t even bother to get a basket to put pads in. I just pick them up and pay for them at the counter. My daughter, while not exactly embarrassed, makes a point of getting a basket, even if that’s the only thing we’re getting J But, that’s the whole point of today…there should be no embarrassment in having a period. It’s a right of passage and not an embarrassment. Mothers, fathers, brothers and indeed, the entire community should work hand in hand to ensure that everyone sees this as a normal phenomenon. If a girl gets stained and a guy sees this in school, it shouldn’t be a subject of laughter or fun. He should be bold and caring enough to walk up to the girl and perhaps offer his cardigan to her until she can deal with the stain.

Question is, are we bringing up our young men to be this caring? Are we teaching our young women to stay clean and hygienic during the monthly flow” Here’s a reminder class on menstrual hygiene:

Have you ever had that moment when you happen to catch a whiff of yourself during your period and almost throw up? You’re not alone. It is interesting though that the blood in menstrual flow actually doesn’t smell bad. It is the bacteria in the menstrual flow that actually raise the stench. So how do you deal with this? Here are five top tips to maintain personal hygiene and smell fresh during your period.

  • Take a bath regularly. Twice a day would be great or failing that at least once a day. If your flow is heavier than normal, you just may have to increase the frequency. Remember that to wash your delicate inner self where you’re bleeding from, you usually do not require more than water and your hands.
  • Change your sanitary towels often. As soon as you notice they are significantly stained, please change them. This should be every 4-6 hours at the very maximum. Aim for the lower limit 🙂
  • Deodorize. Carry a spare pack of deodorant and use that liberally whenever you have a pad change. Be sure not to attempt to smell like you soaked yourself in a bottle of perfume. It might also be a pointer that perhaps you’ve got something to hide.
  • Scrub your hands thoroughly after a pad change. Observe all the rules of proper hand washing. This ensures that you get rid of all the bacteria and may have got on your hands and ensures that you keep the odour level down.
  • Dispose of your sanitary towels properly. Do not flush them down the drain and if there is no trash can in the bathroom you are using to dispose of it, have a disposable ziplock bag to put it in and dispose it appropriately as soon as you can. Make sure that this is kept in a zipped up compartment of your bag.

Be confident and enjoy having your period. Remember that you can smell your genitals oftentimes because they are well, practically south of your nose…it doesn’t necessarily mean other people can smell them provided you’re obeying the rules of simple hygiene. And be sure to use an air freshener in the bathroom where you just changed. We don’t want to leave any tell-tale signs or smells now, do we?

The video below deals with some of the questions that young women ask about menstruation. Enjoy!


Have a great week ahead 🙂

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#HLWDK Faith!

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#HLWDK Saturday Recipes

What did you have for breakfast today? What did you have when you felt that urge to have something sweet? Well, help is here! Whip up a healthy smoothie and stay healthy 🙂 Step 1: You need watermelon, pineapple, your blender or smoothie maker, bowls to put your fruits in, a knife and of course, the glass cup for serving. Step 2: Scrub (I actually use sponge and soap!) your fruits and then cut up a slice or two of borh fruits Step 3: Peel the fruits, remove seeds and put the fruits in bowls. Step 4: Add equal measures of both fruits in your blender and whizz ot all up. Step 5: Pour into a glass cup. Step 6: Sit back, relax and enjoy If you want your drink chilled, you can add some ice cubes to the blending or make sure your fruits were chilled before you start. So, what are you waiting for??? #healthyrecipes #healthyliving #healthylivingwithdrketch

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Should I drop calories or boost exercise? – Harvard Health

‘Q. To lose weight, should I focus more on my calorie count or the amount of time I spend exercising?

A. It is very, very hard to lose weight without both watching your calories and regularly exercising. But it’s not that simple. For years, doctors (including me) told patients: “You’ve got to burn off more calories through exercise than the calories that you eat. If you do that, you’ll maintain a healthy weight.” We even implied that not being able to maintain a healthy weight, since it was so simple, reflected a weakness of character.’

For more, please click on http://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/should-i-drop-calories-or-boost-exercise

Have a fab weekend 🙂

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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Do I Need An Antibiotic After Childbirth?

Q: Please Doctor, is it advisable to take medicines like Flagyl immediately after childbirth to avoid any form of infection? Please I am confused. Thanks ma’am.
A: Hello dear. Thanks for writing in and congratulations on your new baby.
The first point to note is that you really should not be taking any medication(s) without your doctor’s prescription. If your doctor is involved, he will weigh the potential risks to the baby against the potential benefits before deciding whether the medication is needed or not. So, you do yourself and your baby a great dis-service if you self-prescribe.
If you put to bed in a proper hospital, chances are that you may not need antibiotics as asepsis (the absence of microorganisms) from the entire birth process is the rule of the game. There are some circumstances though, that may warrant antibiotics after delivery. A good example would be after a Caesarian Section.
Having said that, the ‘usual’ dose of metronidazole (Flagyl) at about 200-400mg three times daily for 7 to 10 days, has not been found to pose risks to the baby. This may be different for pre-term babies, though. However, if taking the single 2g dose, it may be necessary to delay breastfeeding for about 12 hours after each dose. This may mean that you would need to express breast milk to tide your baby over the period you will not be breastfeeding him/her.
People taking metronidazole complain of a metallic taste in the mouth. It has been suggested that babies with mothers on this medication refuse the fore milk as a result of the presence of a metabolite (product of breakdown of this medication), which imparts a metallic taste to the fore milk.
As I noted earlier, before taking any medication, be guided by your doctor and not by your feeling of needing to treat an infection.
Be safe!
Have a good night, y’all
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Daily Health Tips: How Can I Control My Blood Sugar?

Q: Hi Doctor, glad I can chat you. I am diabetic and want to know the kind of food I should be eating especially vegetables and fruits


Q: Good morning Doctor, I noticed in recent times that each time I take yoghurt or any ‘too-sugary’ drinks my urine will taste sugary, but when I check my blood sugar, the range is always 95/105. , therefore, decided to watch my consumption of sugar. But unfortunately, about a week ago I found myself taking ogi (pap). Unknown to me, the ‘sweetener’ content was an unnatural honey. Before then, I have taken yogurt the same day. To cut the whole story short, my blood sugar is now 140 as at yesterday. Please, what can I do before my situation gets out of hand? I don’t want to start with any anti diabetic drugs now. Thanks in advance.

A: Starting from the beginning, what’s Diabetes Mellitus (DM)? Usually starchy foods we eat are converted to glucose. The body, in response to the presence of glucose in the blood, releases insulin from…

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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Does Ulcer Cause Chest Pain?

Q: Ma’am, I have chest pain and they said it’s ulcer. Please can you recommend tablet or drugs for me to take or probably what I can be eating and not eating?

A: Thanks for writing in. As every regular visitor to this page is aware, I always advice that chest pain be checked out in the hospital. Better safe than sorry. It could be nothing (perhaps just muscle pain) or perhaps an anxiety attack or it could be a heart attack!
Your question didn’t give many details. Who told you it’s ulcer? Do you experience shortness of breath? Do you get any relief with antacids? If you do it may be related to acid reflux as can happen to people with Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) or even peptic ulcer.

Gastric acid is secreted normally in the stomach to help the process of digestion. Peptic ulcer is a sore in the stomach, esophagus or duodenum and occurs when there is either over-production of this gastric acid in the stomach or reduction in the quantity of mucous that protects the stomach from the acid. Infection with an organism, Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) has been found to be a cause of peptic ulcer.
GERD, on the other hand occurs when stomach acid backtracks into the esophagus causing heartburn.
In both an acid reflux and a heart-related event, the pain appears to be behind the breastbone. Do you feel better when you change positions? Muscle pain and acid reflux may get better if you change positions but not a heart related ache.

So, as you can see, more questions than answers. Please go and see your doctor immediately and get a proper diagnosis.
If it is actually peptic ulcer or GERD, then the post below will help you with symptoms, treatment and prevention:


Have a good night, people ☺

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