Are fresh juice drinks as healthy as they seem?

Fresh juice drinks have many of the nutrients found in the fruit, but can also raise blood sugar and pack on the calories.

Source: Are fresh juice drinks as healthy as they seem?

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Daily Health Tips: Still On Staph…

Q1: Hello ma’am, thanks for your teaching. Please, I have some issues bothering me. I did HVS and urine mcs. Both showed that I have heavy growth of Staph and moderate growth of candida but I’m surprised about the level of the Staph because I’ve been abstaining from sex for about a year now. My question now is, is Staph being contacted only through sex and what is the best treatment for it? But currently I’m on Rocephine injection. Thanks ma’am

Q2: Good day doctor, please I would like to know which is more productive in treating Staph that has lasted for some years: the English or native medicine? Note: I have tried the English medicine and it didn’t work

Q3: Hello Doc. I have followed your updates and advice overtime and really appreciate your efforts at contributing to the wellness of people. My challenge is Staph which I have battled for some years now and I wish I could give you a detailed explanation of my experience with it. As we all know Staphylococcus is a very stubborn infection even as some believe it’s incurable. I have treated it twice with local drugs but it keeps reappearing after some months. My own symptoms are cough and blisters on my chest and neck region. I am writing to seek for your prescription on effective medication that cures it permanently. Thanks as I await your reply.

Q4: How can I settle this Staph infection to be normal and eradicated?

Q5: Hi doc please does Staph aureus has a cure?

Q6: What is the best cure for Staph aureus? I do watch your program on DSTV

Q7: Dr, good evening. I have sent you texts severally with no reply. I have not seen my period for 3 month so I went for an infection test and the lab result shows I have scanty growth of Staph. So they prescribed some drugs for me and I purchased them and took them but up till this moment, I have not seen it yet. I am scared and worried.

Q8: Hi Doc! How does someone contact Staph? And does it have anything to do with not getting pregnant?

A: I could pull up tens more questions on Staph from this page! This is a representative sample of the sort of questions, a lot of you have on this subject. This is always a topical issue as people consistently worry about what this means. I reproduce a post I had made on this below:

Staphylococcus has received a bad rap over the years, especially in Nigeria. A whole lot of TV advert time in the past was devoted to traditional/alternative/native medicine practitioners who all claimed a cure for this ‘terrible’ Sexually Transmitted Infection. After the airwaves were made off limits, attention moved to the print media where all manner of cures are touted for ailments ranging from the indomitable staph to fibroids! Have you read about how some drugs can make people excrete their fibroids out???! I shake my head in wonder😀

Generally, Staphylococci, Staph for short, are bacteria which can be found in people’s noses or skin all over the body, minding their own business until a cut or injury occurs giving the germs access into the body. This is the reason why surgeons meticulously scrub sites for surgery before they make a single cut because infections caused by Staph can be deadly. They usually cause infections like boils but can also get into the blood, as described for surgery above, and cause infections too. They are also responsible for Staphylococcal food poisoning and Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) as can happen in people who use tampons.

People who are more at risk of Staph infections include breastfeeding mothers, new born babies, diabetics, people with sores/injuries of any sort and also people with compromised immune systems.

It is usually spread by direct contact with an infected sore or use of infected personal care items like shave sticks, plasters or bandages.

Technically, Staph infections are not considered Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI); however, because Staph is spread through skin to skin contact, it can cause an STI if there is contact between the genitals and the area with a Staph infection. Remember also, that these bacteria are found on the skin and so can show up in urine. Thus, if this was isolated in your urine, it does not mean that it is sexually transmitted. As part of the test carried out in isolating the organism in your urine, specific antibiotics would have been shown as being active against the organism. Be sure to use this and complete the dose.

Given that Staph infections are spread through person to person contact, practicing good hygiene is a great idea. Wash your hands often especially after contact with situations described above. Remember that you can also spread the infection from one part of your body to another, so it is important to keep wounds clean and properly covered. If a towel is used to clean the area, this should be done once and then the towel washed in hot water. Do not share items of personal care like towels and be sure to bath every day.

Menstruating ladies who use tampons should be sure to change them often to prevent TSS.

More importantly, speak with your doctor if you believe you have recurrent infections and/or are not responding to treatment.

Have a good night, people😀


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Why men often die earlier than women

There are a number of reasons why men tend to die younger than women.

Source: Why men often die earlier than women

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Daily Health Tips: How To Avoid Senior Moments And Improve Your Memory

Q: Doctor, Why Do Some People Forget Things Faster Than Others? Is The Problem Health Related?


Hallos people! Do you find yourself forgetting things you just heard? Like somebody’s name…and yet you’ve just been introduced?! Awkward to say the least! These ‘senior moments’ are not just a problem for the ‘oldies’ but applies to a whole lot of us. Here are some tips to help:

When being introduced to someone, repeat the person’s name out loud and perhaps make an association in your mind about the name eg Ketch and Ketchup😀 Even just the conscious effort of repeating the name out loud, helps it stick. Awesome, right?! I knew you’d think so😀

You know how we all have to do different things at the same time to prove to all our bosses and ourselves that we are well able to carry out this 21st century ‘new fangled’ managerial process called multi-tasking!  But guess what, this amazing concept absolutely does not help memory one bit…

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Daily Health Tips: Fungal Infections In Children

Q: Hello Dr Ketch please tell me, what is the treatment of fungi in children (usually called Jeti jeti)?

A: Fungi are invisible (to the naked eye) micro-organisms that are plant-like. They love and thrive in dark, warm, moist areas and can attack skin in situations of low immunity or when there is an injury to the skin or nail. Examples of fungi are mushrooms (yes…the same one we eat :D), mildew (the one that grows on that towel that didn’t dry well :D) and mold (the type that grows on bread that is left for too long :D). Yep! So, we all know this guy FUNGUS! Ever since my son heard that mushroom was a fungus, he refuses to eat it again. We’ve always had a running battle with it anyways, so this was just convenient! So far, it is, ‘no winner, no vanquished’. We’re still at it though…the battle:D But I digress…

Back to our fungi gist, there are typically three common fungi infections: Ringworms (which most people have heard about), athlete’s foot and jock itch.

Ringworms are small, round, ring shaped rashes/patches on the skin…but are absolutely not worms:D They usually happen when people have minor injuries on skin, scalp or nails and when people sweat a lot. This can be prevented by keeping personal things personal: don’t share towels, clothing, undies, head coverings (caps, hats etc). Keep your skin nice, clean and dry. This process can be helped by taking a bath regularly😀 and toweling off. Be sure to shampoo after a haircut and dress for the weather. With our hot sun, those fungi have no hiding place! Let them bring it on😀

You know those sores between toes that happen especially if you are fond of walking around barefoot in wet areas, wear tight shoes and synthetic socks (that don’t allow your feet to breath) and if you don’t clean properly between your toes after a bath? That’s called athlete’s foot. So, to prevent it, avoid the above. Wipe between toes et al after a bath, wear socks made from fabrics that ‘breath’ like cotton, take a break from tight footwear and try not to share your shoes. Buy shoes that suit our weather too. For instance, while a pair of boots may make sense in winter, it may not be such a great idea in these hot climes (Africa) where the weather is hot and our feet need to breath :D If you can get away with it, wear sandals.

Have you ever seen anyone closing their eyes and intensely scratching their crotch area? Well, they could have jock itch! This again happens when people sweat excessively…the groin area is not spared. Prevention involves not sharing towels and under-garments, keeping them clean and washed, wearing clean socks and keeping it cool down there by wearing under garments made with cotton, which are not tight fitting :D A bath after a hectic exercise or sport session will also not go amiss.

Treatment of these fungal infections will involve the use of anti-fungal creams and where the infection is significant, oral anti-fungal creams are added. Antibiotics may also be indicated where there are bacterial infections…as can occur from the scratching of jock itch.

Fungal infection of the scalp, called Tinea Capitis, is often found in children and is commonly called ringworm too. If you’re a parent and your child has had this, the embarrassment factor alone is significant enough to seek therapy :D Parents try all sorts from the conventional to the not-so conventional to take care of this. Anti-fungal creams, lotions and powders applied to the scalp for ages, don’t quite work. Creative solutions like rubbing petrol on the scalp, leaves a screaming child who still has holes and patches in his hair from the fungal infection. Where on earth, did that therapy come from? Petrol??? Seriously???? (like my daughter would say :D)

Tinea Capitis may involve all or some parts of the scalp. The involved areas may look bald and patchy with small, round spots from broken off hair, swollen and inflamed etc. As is typical of fungal infections, they love moist and warm areas and will be encouraged to grow when one has a cut or bruise on the scalp, does not wash his/her hair regularly, sweats a lot and does not wash this off quickly and/or shares personal items of clothing like caps, hats, head scarves, towels etc The infection can also be spread by coming in contact with ringworm on someone else’s body or even contacted from a pet.

Treatment is not achieved on the surface by using anti-fungal creams. This is achieved by taking anti-fungal drugs orally. This will usually be for a significant period of time, between 6 to 8 weeks. Using anti-fungal shampoos may limit the spread of the infection but does not get rid of it. Again, even if signs of quick results are seen, this does not mean therapy should be stopped immediately. The drug should be taken for the full period prescribed by the doctor.

During the course of treatment, pillowcases, combs, towels et al which are probably infected, should be disposed of, where possible. If not, they should be disinfected with bleach and washed in warm water.

Moving forward, personal things should be kept personal and not shared with other people :D Personal hygiene is key… children should be taught to take a bath and frequently too, especially after sweating. They should also stay away from stray dogs or those that have the infection (a bald patch on the dog’s fur may be observed)

So, there you have it. In this instance, an ounce of hygiene is certainly worth a pound of cure!

Have a good night, people😀


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Healthier Meals On The Go – Harvard Health

Ever notice how nutrition takes a back seat when you’re hungry? Packaged and prepared foods somehow don’t seem unhealthy when you need a meal in a hurry. But is there such a thing as a nutritious convenience food?

If you would like this question answered, please click on this link:

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Daily Health Tips:Can A Working Mother Practice Exclusive Breastfeeding?

I’d like to give my baby a great boost in life, but I work…how is it possible to combine that with breastfeeding? Are there potential benefits in doing this? Any tips for breastfeeding while working?

The book, Just For The Health Of It With Dr Ketch, explores these and other issues

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Remember that this book is a great gift for anyone who wishes to live and eat healthy, lose weight, get ready for pregnancy and parenting. Buy copies for bridal showers, baby showers, Christmas gifts etc. It’s a gift that keeps on giving😀

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