#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: My Wife Has A Bent Uterus!


Q: Good morning, Dr. My wife has a bent uterus. What is the cure? Please, help me

A: Normally, a uterus tilts forwards at the cervix towards the stomach. In some women, however, the uterus tilts backwards inside the pelvis towards the spine. This is called a retroverted or tilted uterus. Many women with this condition are born with it but some women may develop it after birth as a result of:

  1. Pregnancy: During pregnancy, the ligaments holding the uterus in place become weak and so after pregnancy, some women now find their uteri tilted.
  2. Prior surgery, infections and disease conditions like endometriosis may lead to a tilted uterus. In these cases, conception may be difficult but not impossible. Patients here may benefit from seeing a fertility doctor.

For more on endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease, please click on these links:

Daily Health Tips: Can PID Block My FallopianTubes?


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Daily Health Tips: Can I Breastfeed While Pregnant?


Q: Dr Ketch, thanks for being there always for those tips for healthy living. Please, is it safe to breastfeed while pregnant? And what fluids can be given to a 7-month old baby asides breast milk? Thanks

A: It’s generally considered safe to continue breastfeeding in pregnancy. In fact some mothers would even breastfeed the new baby and the older one, concurrently. This is called tandem nursing. However, given the requirements of breastfeeding and of pregnancy, this mum must ensure that she is eating healthy and drinking sufficient fluids.

If your already born baby can talk, he may comment on the fact that the taste of your breast milk has changed especially towards the end of pregnancy and a few days after the birth of the new baby as colostrum is produced.

For more posts on colostrums, please click on this link: https://chatwithdrketch.com/2014/05/27/daily-health-tips-what-should-i-do-after-having-my-baby-if-my-breast-milk-doesnt-come-in-immediately/

For the mum, she may notice more…

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Daily Health Tips: Vegetables Make Me Poop!


Q: There are germs inside raw vegetables. Sometimes, washing it alone won’t kill the germs. What do we do?

A: Truth is, there are germs all around us and potentially, in other foods we eat. But that doesn’t mean that we should stop eating, right? 😀 We just need to figure out safe ways of preparing them and getting rid of germs that may be on their surface.

For green leafy veggies, buy them whole from the market. When you’re ready to use them, pick the leaves and then soak in a bowl of water that has salt or food-safe disinfectant in it, for about 5 minutes. Swish the bowl around to ensure that all the sand settles to the bottom. Then pick out the veggies carefully and rinse in clean water.

The same applies to other veggies too. For carrots and potatoes, buy them, scrub and then boil. If…

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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Why Is My Stool Green?


Q: It’s been two weeks now and my poop is green. What does that mean?

A: This question reminds me of an old show I used to watch, ‘You
are what you eat.’ It involved amongst other things, an examination of stool to
determine ones diet and body. I found it fascinating…useful but also disgusting!

Stool can take a variety of colours depending on diet and the
quantity of bile in the faeces. Bile is initially bright green in colour and
gets progressively darker/brown as the bile is acted on by chemicals and
bacteria on its journey through the intestines.

Let’s take a look at different colors of poop and what they mean –
this sounds absolutely disgusting! 😀

Brown – Normal stool colour. Bilirubin in blood, when broken down,
ends up in the intestine. It is then acted upon by gut bacteria, which turn it

White –…

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Daily Health Tips: My Hubby is Rhesus Positive and I Am Rhesus Negative. Is My Baby At Risk?


Q: Good evening Dr, your tips are really helpful. I am O NEG while my hubby is O positive. I am AA and he is AS. I had an abortion before we got married though. Right now I am about 38wks pregnant now but my Doc said I should have taken an injection before getting pregnant because our blood groups are incompatible to avoid fresh still birth. I have been so scared. Since on 31st August, I’ve been feeling pains in my abdomen and waist. I don’t know if it is labour.

A: Hello dear, you’re technically ready to deliver and so the pains you’re having may very well be labour. Please visit the hospital to check it out…especially given that you have no experience to compare the pains with.
The fact that you’re AA and your husband is AS, is not really an issue and is not the reason…

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Daily Health Tips: Is Spotting At 35 Weeks Dangerous?


Q: Is spotting at 35 pregnancy dangerous? And will my baby be okay? I’m very scared and worried

A: Bleeding in late pregnancy may be due to a variety of issues ranging from infections to the ‘show’ that heralds the start of labour.

Causes of bleeding at this time include:

  • Cervical changes which can lead to bleeding after sexual intercourse
  • Infection of the cervix
  • Infection of the vagina

Other causes include:

  • Placenta previa.
  • Placental abruption.

These are two conditions that affect the placenta.

The placenta is created during pregnancy and is attached to the wall of the uterus (the womb) by blood vessels. It is through the placenta that the baby receives vital nutrients and oxygen and also through this that it excretes waste products. The baby is connected to the placenta through the umbilical cord. So this is a pretty important organ in the general scheme of things. The…

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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Irregular Periods After Using The Morning After Pill


Q: Good day Dr. I have a problem. January this year, a condom burst but I got morning after pill the following day. In the very same month, I had my periods; also the following month (February). Then in March I only had my periods for 2 day and had drops. Normally it’s 4 days. I bought almost 5 pregnancy tests and they were all negative. Last month I went to the clinic and did another pregnancy test. It was negative so I took 2 months contraceptive injection. So now I am having back pains and every time I squeeze my right breast liquid comes out. Is it possible that am pregnant

A: The morning after
pill which can be taken within 72 hours (some can be taken within 5 days) of
unprotected intercourse, can help prevent pregnancy. But it does not protect
you against sexually transmitted infections (STI) and…

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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Low Libido


Q: Good day, Doctor. Is there something wrong with my wife? Since we got married with a child 3 years ago, my wife does not have appetite for sex – only a day after her monthly cycle she enjoy to have sex with me

A: Thanks for
writing in. I can understand your worry as indeed sex is a critical aspect of
marriage. The way you feel needs to be dealt with, so that it doesn’t become a
bigger problem, later on.

Usually low sex drive could be due to stress, depression or even
the physical challenges that come with having had a baby or even going through
menopause. I’ll start with the most obvious question: have you tried talking
with your wife about this? Perhaps you could try setting the mood – get a
romantic dinner ready for two and then dress the part. Play some music, light

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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Cold Water And Conception


Q: Good evening ma’am. Please Doctor, can taking of COLD WATER prevent someone from conceiving? Thanks. God will continue to strengthen you in all your endeavors.


A: There are so many stories and taboos surrounding pregnancy that we need to address, really. Some pregnant women are practically banned from drinking cold water during pregnancy for this and other unclear reasons. There’s no medical basis for any of these stories. If you have a cold and you’re staying off cold water and filling up on warm fluids, I get it!However, if it’s for any of the ‘traditional reasons’ kindly ask for an explanation if you’re uncertain. Your doctor is always a great and useful resource.


So, in simple language, ‘no. drinking cold water cannot prevent conception.’ And it cannot cause a problem for your baby when you’re pregnant.Whenever I am pregnant, I not only drink cold water but actually take a…

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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: When Is A good Time To Conceive Again?


Q: Please
ma, I gave birth through operation six months ago; I would like to know the
spacing to give before conceiving again. Thanks!

A: Interesting
question! And a good one too!:DI smile because I had two babies in
two consecutive years (2004 and 2005)! They are really a year and 9 months
apart but it was kinda embarrassing when people pointed that I practically had
them back to back:D

Truth is, when you and hubby choose to have children is totally
up to you but just like everything else in life, there are choices we make that
may not be optimal in the long term. Having children at very close intervals
(less than one and a half to two years) puts both mother and baby at risk.

For mum, she would not have had enough time to build back her
stock of nutrients like iron and folate. Some studies…

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