5 habits that foster weight loss – Harvard Health

‘Let’s face it: the hardest part about losing weight isn’t knowing what to eat.’ It’s the discipline to know what to eat and really abide by those rules. Read!


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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Morning Sickness And Pregnancy Scan

Q: Hello Doc, I am roughly two months or thereabout pregnant. I last saw my period in December. I have been vomiting constantly and at every time of the day. I was given an injection in the hospital but most at times I still feel like throwing up after eating and I usually feel very weak. Do you have any advice for me and what is the right time to go for a scan cos my tummy isn’t protruding?

A: Repeating this post on morning sickness for this first time mother

Morning sickness during pregnancy can be really trying! I know…I suffered through it! Oh boy! Thank God I’m over all of that now…I’m a grandmother in waiting 😀

Now, for the rest of you who still have to go through this, I’ll share some tips.

The standard teaching is to try eating some bland foods like Crackers biscuits or dry toast. That personally didn’t work for me. I preferred tart things…which some may want to avoid. I loved lemons during my pregnancies. They were the one thing guaranteed to ‘wake up’ my mouth and chase nausea far away. I also had a particular brand of very tart bubble gum, I indulged in 😀 These were key for me because, though I didn’t have the real bad case of morning sickness that sent you to the hospital, brushing my teeth in the morning always sent me into a bout of retching/vomiting. So, I always had a ready supply of the gum or lemon/lime to pop into my mouth once I was done brushing/retching! Not a very pleasant memory ;D

So, if lemons work for you to prevent nausea, go for it. Remember that moderation is key. A few drops (one or two) in a glass of water are enough to provide that tart kick that sends nausea far away. There is a catch here though…remember the heart burn associated with pregnancy. The acid content of lemon might make the heart burn and any pre-existing gastro-esophageal (stomach and esophagus/gullet) problems worse. So, this is all the more reason to be very moderate or stop if it exacerbates an already bad case of heart burn. Wherever and whenever in doubt, please be sure to see your doctor.

Other tips:
• Eat little amounts of food frequently as an empty tummy increases the likelihood of throwing up. Remember this is not an excuse to binge and over eat 😀
• Avoid fatty and greasy foods.
• Avoid smells that trigger nausea
• Cold foods may be preferable to hot as the former does not give off smells that may cause you to feel queasy.
• Get loads of fresh air and rest
• And drink sufficient fluids daily

More importantly, women going through this need love and support more than ever. If you can’t stand cooking now, because of this, get help etc.

On when to do a scan, it depends on what you want the scan for, If it’s for dating the pregnancy, the last menstrual period is best for this. That is the first day of the woman’s last normal menstrual flow. However, if she is not sure of her dates, then a scan can be used. To date pregnancy, a first trimester scan gives the most appropriate approximation. The earlier it is, the more accurate it is likely to be.

Have a good day everyone 😀

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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Can A+ Parents Birth An O+ Child?

Q: Good evening doctor, thanks a lot for your answer its really helping us. Please Doc, I will want to know if it is possible for a mother and father to be A+ while the child is o+

A: Everyone’s blood contains antigens and antibodies which form the blood’s defense against foreign bodies. The antigen and antibody present in your blood determines your blood group.

Your blood is made up of red blood cells (which carry oxygen round the body), white blood cells (which help fight infections) and platelets (which help clotting) suspended in plasma (a liquid).

Your blood group depends on genes inherited from your parents.

People with blood group A have A antigen on their red blood cells and Anti-B antibodies in their plasma. Thus, giving this person blood from someone with blood group B will lead to the antibodies (anti-B) attacking that person’s B antigen.

A is dominant to O and so people with A blood group can either have the genotype ‘AA’ or ‘AO’. If two parents have the ‘AO’ blood type genotype, they have a 25% chance of having a child with O+ blood group, 75% of having children with blood group A (25% with AA blood type genotype and 50% with AO blood type genotype).

So the simple answer is yes, it is possible to have an O+ child even when both parents are A+

All the best!

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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Are These Miscarriages My Fault?

Q: Hello Dr I am not sure whether I have a problem or not; every girl I meet keeps having miscarriages. I don’t know why.

A: condolences on the loss of your baby/ies. It is never an easy experience for anyone to go through.

Unfortunately, often times, the cause of a miscarriage is not identified. You need to understand this so that neither you nor her blame yourself unduly. Having said that though, first trimester miscarriages are mainly due to problems with the baby/fetus. These problems could be due to problems with the placenta. This is how the baby receives its nutrients in the womb and so, if this organ cannot deliver, a miscarriage might occur. There may also be a problem with the baby’s chromosomes, such that a baby may receive too many or too few genetic materials or there may be a damaged egg/sperm. Other associated risk factors include smoking and drinking alcohol, being overweight, malnutrition, increased maternal age, trauma and drug abuse. By the way, trimester is 3 months of pregnancy. Therefore, first trimester refers to the 1st three months, 2nd trimester, the 2nd three months and 3rd trimester, the last three months

To try for a pregnancy again, remember to ensure there is unprotected sexual intercourse at least three times a week with ejaculation of sufficient amounts of semen. Encourage your partner to start on folic acid supplements as soon as she can, to prepare her and baby for the journey ahead.

To prevent a recurrence, focus on ensuring that you both stay healthy and do not indulge in harmful habits like smoking and excessive alcohol drinking. Other helpful tips include eating healthy, keeping weight within normal parameters, avoiding trauma and not abusing drugs.

In addition, as soon as she gets pregnant again, she should register for antenatal as soon as possible and keep to her appointments religiously.

All the best!

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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Missing Period After Child Birth

Q: I gave birth on the 8th of October. After some months, I saw my period between the end of January and February, and now I have not seen it again. I ran some tests and it shows I’m not pregnant. Could it be irregular menstruation?

A: Hello and Congratulations on your new baby!

Different women report different changes with their menstrual periods after child birth. Some report longer periods. Others report shorter periods; some others report less pain and others observe absolutely no change at all 😀 So, it’s not strange, but where in doubt, please discuss this with your doctor

A very common question I get asked is if breastfeeding mums can get pregnant. The answer is yes. If you’re exclusively breastfeeding, feeding your baby on demand (every 4 hours), you’re within 6 months of your baby’s birth and your menstrual period has not returned after the birth of your baby, you stand a better chance of not getting pregnant during this period. However, this is not a reliable method.

Birth control pills can help prevent pregnancy at this time. Pills that contain estrogen can lead to reduction in breast milk supply (and yes, combination pills contain estrogen). So, it’s a good idea to avoid such pills at this time. Pills that contain only progestin (like the minipill) is a better idea as it does not affect breast milk supply. It’s usually taken at the same time daily. It’s best to start this discussion before you have your baby or immediately after so that your doctor can advise as to when you should start taking the pills.

Barrier contraceptives like condoms, diaphragms etc can also serve the purpose of preventing pregnancy at this time.

There are, of course, other methods of birth control available eg Intra Uterine Device (IUD), implants, patches etc also exist and you may want to discuss these other options with your doctor as you conclude breastfeeding.

So, check with your doctor. Better safe than sorry.

I hope this helps.

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Daily Health Tips: Why Am I Losing My Hair?!


Q: Dr Ketch well done and good job you’re doing. Please, my hair is pulling off on its own at both sides and in front. I am not on any drugs but a hair specialist told me it could be alopecia which is immune system working against the hair follicles. So please, what do I do to gain my hair back or boost my immune system?

A: Thanks for your kind words.

There are different types of hair loss (alopecia)

• The hair loss due to cancer treatment is well known and well documented. This is called anagen effluvium and hair would start to grow back a few months after chemotherapy stops.

• There is the male and female pattern baldness: This is more common in men starting as they age (around 50 years of age) and is thought to run in families. Male pattern baldness usually starts with thinning…

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5 habits for moms that help prevent childhood obesity – Harvard Health

‘A child who is obese is more likely to develop diabetes, heart disease, and other complications of obesity earlier in life than someone who develops obesity in adulthood.’ What can you do o prevent this?



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