#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: World Antibiotic Awareness Week

This week is World Antibiotic Awareness Week. The theme for this year is ‘seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional before taking antibiotics’.

In honor of this day, I repeat a post I had made on this issue a while back, in response to a question.

Q: Good evening doctor. I am highly impressed with your assistance. Please doc, can one use double antibiotic at d same time?

A: The way you asked this question makes me suspect already that perhaps you are making this prescription by yourself or perhaps you approached ‘Dr Lagbaja’ who owns the chemist shop at the corner to mix some drugs for you. Both practices are dangerous. You should not be prescribing for yourself and Dr Lagbaja in the chemist shop is absolutely not a doctor and has no idea what he’s saying or prescribing for that matter!

So, back to the specific question, can 2 antibiotics be used at the same time. Yes. It depends on what’s being treated. I’ll give an example, in Peptic Ulcer Disease due to the organism Helicobacter pylori, the triple therapy is used in the treatment involving 2 antibiotics and another drug. Please be guided by your doctor in terms of what drugs (antibiotics or otherwise) to take, how much and for how long. Antibiotic resistance occurs because people buy and use antibiotics that are not capable of ‘killing’ the organisms causing a disease or even when they are capable, they are not taken in enough quantities or for a long enough time to make the desired impact. In either case, the organism develops the ability to resist the effect of that drug such that when this drug is taken again another time, it will no longer be effective.

For more on antibiotic use, please click n the link https://chatwithdrketch.com/2014/04/03/daily-health-tips-how-do-i-cleanse-my-kidneys/


Have a good evening, y’all and quit prescribing antibiotics or any other drug for that matter for yourself! J


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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: How Can I Eat A Balanced Diet?

Q: Hi Dr. Ketch, I have a question for you. How can one eat a balance diet daily? In other words, what can we be eating on a daily basis that should be regarded as a balance diet morning, afternoon and evening/night.. Thanks

A: Diet should focus on what we eat, how we eat it, how we cook it and the portions we eat.

What should we eat?
All food groups: Don’t fall all those ‘don’t eat fats’, ‘don’t eat carbs’ diets. Every food group is important. Just ensure that you take only the right portions.

• Proteins: focus on white meats (fish, chicken), plant proteins like melon seeds

• Carbohydrates: focus on complex carbohydrates like whole grain wheat bread, oat meal (made as porridge or used as swallow food to go with local soups), beans etc. White carbs as found in pastries cause your blood sugar to yo yo (go up and down) because soon after you’ve eaten them, you feel hungry wanting to eat even more. Clearly, this cannot help any weight loss program 😀

• Fats and oils: Use healthy oils like Olive oil, Canola oil etc and use sparingly. Generally oils that are solid at room temperature are full of unsaturated fats which are not healthy for you.

• Vitamins and minerals: Load up on fruits and veggies and make sure you have them with every meal. They are full of vitamins, anti-oxidants and other nutrients that help your body fight diseases.

Sea salt is touted to have a lot of minerals that are good for you, but make no mistake about it…sea salt contains as much sodium chloride as common salt or table salt. For anyone to get the benefits of the extra minerals they contain, they must be taking a whole lot more salt that what they need in a day. Remember that excessive consumption of salt leads to high blood pressure.

• Water: Drink sufficient amounts of water daily to keep your joints supple, encourage proper excretion, prevent dehydration etc

How should we eat it?
Slowly. Make a conscious effort to chew your food properly and take your time. Don’t wolf it down…or inhale it :D. Chew intentionally so as to give your brain sufficient time to process the signal from your brain which says that you are full. Have you observed that when you rush your food, you move from being very hungry to being completely stuffed! There’s no in-between, where you realize that you’re full before you get to the stuffed part. That’s because your brain didn’t have enough time to process that info before you became ‘over-full’.

Cooking of food should be done bearing healthy cooking methods in mind. Poach, grill, steam, boil etc.

Portions: Even if you do all the above but we take excessive amounts, then we will pile on the weight. What are the right portions? First, reduce plate size and then ensure that half the plate is filled with fruits and veggies, a quarter is filled with carbs and the last quarter with protein. Remember the tips we’ve given above and focus on picking the right foods from the mentioned classes.

Now don’t go piling your plate high while staying within your portions 😀 That’s an absolute no!!! Even if a food is considered healthy, it doesn’t mean you should eat as much of it as you want. For instance, beams is healthy on so many levels but it also high in calories and so you still need to stick to the portion described. Moderation in everything!!


Breakfast: Remember to eat like a king’
• Wheat bread with peanut butter and a glass of fresh juice (or fruit slices)
• Or Oatmeal with fruit slices
• Or a slice of wheat bread with an egg and a glass of juice
• Or a smoothie
• Or A wrap of moi-moi with oats or pap and some fruits

Lunch: Eat like a prince
• Vegetable soup with fish and oatmeal (remember that the vegetable soup should be half the plate, the fish a quarter of the plate and the swallow should be normal height 😀
• Or local rice with stew (please no sign of floating oil should be seen :D), grilled chicken and veggies. Again I feel compelled to explain that the veggies should be half the plate, the rice and chicken should take up a quarter of the plate respectively
• Or Bean pottage with vegetables and fish. If you choose to have some plantain with it, just understand that the beans and plantains are struggling for a quarter of the plate which MUST NOT be crowded 😀
• Spaghetti (pasta) with sauce, salad and fish/chicken. Again, no mounds please!

Dinner: Eat like a pauper
• Boiled sweet potatoes with vegetable sauce and fish
• Or a (small) bowl of salad with a wheat bread roll

I have had cause to describe the ideal plate of food several times: Half the plate should be filled with vegetables, a quarter with complex carbohydrates like beans, local rice (like Ofada/Abakaliki/brown/wild rice), sweet potatoes, oatmeal etc and the last quarter with protein (fish, chicken etc). Remember that carbs are necessary to provide the energy needed for our daily activities. So, O do not ‘demonise’ (:D) them….however, not all carbs are created equal. Complex carbs are superior because they supply energy and fibre and some also supply minerals and vitamins.

I hope this helps.

Have a good night y’all 😀




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#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Do It For You!

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great day yesterday!

Today, we will talk about an issue that I receive a lot of mails and questions about. ‘How do I lose weight?’. The video on today’s post on my facebook page (www.facebook.com/healthylivingwithdrketch) illustrates a couple of things that I would like to highlight.

It is nice to want to lose weight to fit into a dress, be more attractive etc, but it is more important to do it for you. If you do it for any other person or any other purpose, you may not focus on healthy living long term. Remember that this is a journey and not a destination.

In keeping with the idea that this is a journey (a long one, too), you need ‘Team You’ by your side, encouraging you and cheering you on. You certainly don’t need anyone who thinks you’re any less because of how you look or body-shames you. No way! Detach from those relationships.

Finally, go for it. Your health depends on every little decision you take everyday: what to eat, how much of it to eat, what activities you partake in, how many minutes of exercise you get in daily etc You owe it to yourself to make the right decisions. This is all about YOU!

To kick-start your journey towards this ‘better-you’, here are some tips. Read! https://chatwithdrketch.com/…/daily-health-tips-weight-los…/


And head on over to facebook to watch the video! 😀

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Overweight vs overfat: Is your scale lying to you? – Harvard Health

‘For decades, the body mass index (BMI) has been the gold standard for gauging obesity-related heart disease risk. But this handy tool doesn’t always tell the whole story.’ Now if that doesn’t intrigue you, I don’t know what will! Read!


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Daily Health Tips: Genital Itching In Pregnancy

Q: Hope you are well Dr. My cousin is about 16 weeks pregnant and has been experiencing vaginal itching. She was given ‘Ny…..’ Vaginal tablets. How safe are they for a pregnant woman? And should she use all 14? Thank you.


Q: Good afternoon Dr. Please, I am 32wks pregnant but recently my vagina started itching me and there is this milky thing which has odour that normally comes out. I am not comfortable with it. Please ma’am, what is the cause and solution to this? Thanks

A: In pregnancy, the decrease in tolerance to glucose which may occur, means that the vagina has a rich supply of sugar which encourages the fungi to grow and multiply as they love the dark, warm, moist and rich environment 😀

Usually, there is yeast (fungi) in the vagina and they generally mind their own business until something comes along to disturb the peace of the environment. This disturbance can be in the form of abuse of antibiotics (which kills off the good bacteria that hold the fungi at bay causing them to take over and overgrow the environment) or even in pregnancy (where the…

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6 ways to use your mind to control pain – Harvard Health

Relaxation, meditation, positive thinking, and other mind-body techniques can help reduce your need for pain medication.

Want to know how? You should read this! https://www.health.harvard.edu/pain/6-ways-to-use-your-mind-to-control-pain?utm_source=delivra&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=GB20171108-Pain&utm_id=698735&dlv-ga-memberid=11052531&mid=11052531&ml=698735

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Daily Health Tips: What’s An Ovarian Cyst?

Q: Can ovarian cyst affect pregnancy?


Q: Dear Doc, please what’s Ovarian Cyst. Which drugs can be used for treatment? Can it cause infertility? Thanks and God bless you.


A: Ovaries are small bean-shaped organs on either side of your womb. Every month, your ovaries develop sacs called follicles from where eggs are released monthly and female sex hormones produced. After the egg is released every month, the sac disintegrates. But sometimes, the egg is not released and the sac remains or the egg is released and the sac does not disintegrate. This follicle becomes the fluid-filled cyst sac. Usually this is not a problem as it could form during every menstrual cycle and usually resolves on its own. These cysts are called the functional cysts. However, these cysts could get very big and in some instances become twisted or they could rupture causing problems. This latter type is called pathological cyst.


Examples of…

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