Daily Health Tips: Corset Vs Waist Cincher


Q: Good day Doc, I really appreciate your words for healthy living. Please, can you help me with the difference between waist corset or cincher and is it healthy to put them on?
A: Okay! I’ll probably make enemies after this post! 😀
The corset has been used by women for centuries to get that absolutely fabulous hour-glass figure! This appeared to die off after a while but has made a huge resurgence since a TV star made it a signature piece 😀 It’s usually made from cotton and is laced at the back. Cinchers on the other hand, can be seen as types of corsets and can be made from cotton or latex fabric. They usually come with hooks for fastening or even zips.
Wearing a corset changes your shape by shifting your existing mass into a new shape creating the hourglass silhouette: D This may…

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