Daily Health Tips: Corset Vs Waist Cincher

Q: Good day Doc, I really appreciate your words for healthy living. Please, can you help me with the difference between waist corset or cincher and is it healthy to put them on?
A: Okay! I’ll probably make enemies after this post! 😀
The corset has been used by women for centuries to get that absolutely fabulous hour-glass figure! This appeared to die off after a while but has made a huge resurgence since a TV star made it a signature piece 😀 It’s usually made from cotton and is laced at the back. Cinchers on the other hand, can be seen as types of corsets and can be made from cotton or latex fabric. They usually come with hooks for fastening or even zips.
Wearing a corset changes your shape by shifting your existing mass into a new shape creating the hourglass silhouette: D This may be just awesome for that event you want to attend, so that you look absolutely fabulous! 😀 But, the mass (weight, I you like) is all still there! A waist cincher provides waist compression and flat abdominal region. Remember that, if you have visceral fat (fat around your internal organs which has been associated with heart disease etc, corsets and cinchers, even if they make you look good and appear trimmer, do not affect this fat. Your risk for these disease will remain irrespective of what your outside looks like.
Are these garments healthy? Well, they definitely are able to provide the silhouette you desire. They can also help posture (better back and abdominal support) as you most definitely have to sit upright with all those bones digging into you 😀 (for those with rigid bones) or just as a result of the tightness! While wearing it, you will definitely be eating less food which, of course, will help with weight loss.
But here’s the bad news, especially when these garments are worn for too long and are laced or hooked too tight : Remember that I mentioned the fact that these garments shift your mass? The same goes for the organs of the body such that organs are displaced and squished together. This could affect blood supply to them. The capacity of the lungs is reduced as these organs in the abdomen push upwards and one finds herself taking shallow breaths (as much as can be allowed by the constrictions). For people who try to wear these during exercise, this could be even more dangerous. Leg and pelvic pain could result from nerve compression.
So, healthier ways of achieving these results would include exercise and eating right…especially watching your portions and including more fruits and veggies to your diet. If you also want to have a ‘clean’ silhouette while working on losing weight, there are other shape wear that give you this effect and do not put your internal organs at risk.
If you must wear these garments, perhaps for that event where you want to be remembered for your ‘fabulousity’ 😀 you may be willing to put up with this for a couple of hours but ensure that you do not wear this for too long and definitely do not lace up too tight. Listen to your body…you will definitely know when it’s too tight or it’s been worn too long.
Remember that ultimately, sustainable weight loss requires some lifestyle adjustment in terms of food and activity. While most women are used to the saying that ‘beauty is pain’, perhaps, this is one pain you may want to re-consider! 😀
Have a great weekend, people 😀
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