Daily Health Tips: I’m Trying To Stop Smoking Pot.

Q: Please Doctor, how can someone be free from drug addiction?
A: Thanks for writing in. You did not specify what addiction you are trying to be free from. I will share the post of someone who was trying to be free from ‘pot’ addiction and other resources I have put together over time on this.


Q: Good evening ma’am, how’s work and the family? Ma’am, please I have an issue which I think I would want to talk to you about and seek for help. I was once into drugs, and decided to stop after some few months. During that period, I experienced withdrawal symptoms. By the grace of God, I went through that stage. Few months later, I went into smoking pot, and for over a year now, I have smoked on constant basis (every single day). Eleven days ago, I decided to quit and face life, because everything seemed to be going wrong. I spent so much money trying to smoke. So I decided to call it quits. I once tried this, but went back after a week, but I am determined to quit this time around. My problem now is, I have vivid nightmares whenever I sleep at night. I hardly eat…

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