Daily Health Tips: It’s World Diabetes Day…Stay Lean And Stay Active!

Today is World Health Day. For this year, the theme is ‘Beat Diabetes’. This message is so appropriate for this time given the sedentary lifestyle of a significant percentage of the population.

This post was made on World Diabetes Day, two years ago; but the message still resonates!


Today is World Diabetes Day.

The theme for this year’s activities is Diabetes: Protect Our Future.

The key messages for this year’s event are:
• Making healthy foods the easier choice
• Making the right choice in terms of healthy eating
• Eating breakfast everyday as a means of starting up the day right and ensuring healthy eating.

Starting from the beginning, what’s Diabetes Mellitus (DM)? Usually starchy foods we eat are converted to glucose. The body, in response to the presence of glucose in the blood, releases insulin from the pancreas. The insulin helps the glucose to move into the cells where it is needed. In Diabetes Mellitus, it is either insulin is no longer or barely being produced (Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus) or the insulin is being produced in insufficient amounts or the cells no longer responds to the insulin prod (stimulus. The latter is called Type 2…

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