Daily Health Tips: Does Cold Water Worsen Menstrual Cramps?


Doc, please Ma’am, is it good to drink cold water during your periods, because I heard it’s not good from someobody? Whenever I take it and I’m on my I do have menstrual cramps. Can it be because of the water or something else? Ma’am, please share some tips to reduce cramps during period.

A: The reason why you have cramps during your period is because your utrerus (womb) is contracting. If the contraction gets too strong that it blocks blood flow to vessels around, pain results. This is a usual body response when muscles are deprived of blood.

If you want to drink cold water during your period, be my guest! Does it make menstrual cramps worse? Not really. Perhaps the only thing that can be said for this is that the cold water has to be warmed by body temperature before it can be used. Having said…

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