Daily Health Tips:My Baby Has Lost Weight!


Q: Good day Doc. Please I have a 5months and 3 weeks old baby. I went to the hospital and checked her weight and she weighs 6.8 kg. The doc said dat she is not gaining enough weight because as at 4 months, she weighs 6kg. I am confused on what to do because she weighed 3.6kg at birth. I expected her to be big by now but she is not. What should I do? Thank you
A: Thanks for writing in.
Well, this will be a cause for concern for any mother. However, it all depends on what the doctor found on examination. Healthy babies may go through periods when they are not adding weight or doing so minimally. The doctor will be more worried about the trend, for instance what is happening to the baby’s growth from one clinic attendance to the next.
The issues…

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