#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Can A Grandparent’s Genotype Affect A Child’s Genotype?

Q: Good evening Dr I have been following your teachings please I need you to help me out, am confused. Parents are AS and AS and their son is AA, the son then married a wife who is AS please as husband and wife with AA and AS can the grandparents genotype make them have a child with SS?

A: Your question is quite interesting but the answer is really simple. Parents with AA and AS have a 50% chance of having children with AS and 50% chance of having children with AA genotypes. They cannot have a child with SS genotype, except one of them had  had a bone marrow transplant. So, something could be wrong with the testing, reading and/or reporting of the test results of the grandparents and/or the parents. Sometimes, the presence of the beta thalassemia gene could also be the reason for this confusion. 

So, I suggest that the parents visit go to a tertiary center like a specialist hospital or a Teaching Hospital or even a specialized sickle cell center. The services and specialties there, including genetic counseling, are more specialized and you should be able to get to the root of the real genotypes here. 

I strongly recommend this be done before typical accusations of extramarital affairs are bandied around 🙂

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All the best!

Have a good night, everyone J

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