Daily Health Tips: Can I My Blood Group Change From Time To Time?

Q: Please Dr, help me out with this question. Does blood group change over the time? I did my blood group in 2004, it was B+. In 2007 I did it again it was O+. In 2012 I did it by myself and other Lab Scientist it still read O+. To my surprise, I repeated it 2 days ago & today it gave me B+

A: Your blood group is a product of your genetics inherited from both your parents, so technically, you can’t change it. Some instances where this has changed after blood marrow transplant and liver transplant have been reported. This may not really be far-fetched as in a bone marrow transplant, really the manufacturing plant for the blood cells has been changed to that of the donor and so, this plant may very well produce the variant of blood group they have been used to in the donor’s body.

The most probable cause(s) could be faulty testing, faulty reading or faulty reporting. I suggest you visit a Teaching Hospital or a reputable laboratory to re-test and confirm your exact blood group.

In instances where people report change of Rhesus type, the issue may be that the person has a variant of the Rhesus factor known as Du factor. People who have this ‘weak Rhesus positive antigen’ may initially test as Rhesus negative until further testing is done to check for this Du factor. So, in this case, it’s really an issue of proper testing and not change of blood group.

There you have it! 😀

I hope you’ve been practicing the rules of proper hygiene: washing your hands constantly with soap and water or using sanitizer when that’s not possible etc. Be safe. Let’s give Ebola a tough fight! For those that asked, poultry has not been implicated, eating bush meat like fruit bats and monkeys which have been implicated in this even if thoroughly cooked, fried, roasted etc may be taking unnecessary risks with your life. I would generally leave bush meat alone, honestly.

Have a fabulous night, people 😀


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