Daily Health Tips: Is It Possible For Genotypes To Change In The Same Person From Time To Time?

Q: Good morning Doc, please I will like to know if it is possible for a genotype to change. My fiancé and I went to laboratory on Saturday to check for our genotype. We had known before then (I am AS while he is AA) but d result shows I am AS while he is AC. He went to another laboratory and tested AS. I don’t know what could be wrong Doctor. I am really scared as we have done our introduction. Please I appreciate your response. Thank you


A: Thanks for writing in, dear.


Your question is quite interesting and sounds like the same one that somebody had asked me some years back…but that was about blood group. But the answer is really the same. Genotype cannot change from one test to the other…well, except the person had a bone marrow transplant. So, something must be wrong with the testing, reading or reporting of the test results.


So, I suggest that you both go to a tertiary center like a specialist hospital or a Teaching Hospital. The service here is more specialized and we should be able to get to the root of the real genotypes here.


As soon as you have the results then, you are your fiancé can have a discussion as to the implications of this.


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All the best!


Have a good night, everyone 😀


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