Daily Health Tips: My Fiancee And I Have AS genotype. Should We Get Married?

Q: I have a girlfriend who is a virgin and we are about getting married next year but the risk I am taking is I am AS and she is AS. Do you think l am doing the right thing?

A:Doing the right thing? Well, what do you think? 😉 As I have explained in earlier posts, for every pregnancy, there is a 25% probability that you and your partner will give birth to a child with SS genotype, 50% chance that you will have children who have the trait (AS) just like you and another 25% chance that you would have a child with AA genotype. This is the information that you would be given at genetic counseling. Truth is, you could very well have all SS genotype children or all carriers of the trait or all normal genotype AA or any combination of the genotypes.

The decision as to whether to get married or not is yours. As adults, we always have the option of choices. This is the reason why, you are never forced into any procedure in a hospital, even if it is for your good. You must always sign an informed consent form stating that you understand what needs to be done, the risks involved and that you give your consent for the procedure to be carried out. In this case, it is important, however to weigh all the issues and consequences thoroughly before embarking on this lifetime voyage. Perhaps, it may be wise to visit a Sickle Cell Center and have a chat with the doctors about what to expect during a crisis or generally, just bringing up a child with Sickle Cell Anaemia. It is possible to know the genotype of the baby before birth through prenatal diagnosis. Speak with your doctor about this.

I have included a post I wrote a while back on sickle cell. Please click on it and read: https://chatwithdrketch.com/2013/06/29/love-is-blind-is-it/

Finally, I’m not sure whether you presumed that being a virgin makes a difference to the probabilities above, of having a child with SS genotype or indeed any other genotype. But, just in case you wondered, it doesn’t matter. Those probabilities remain the same, irrespective.

Have a good night y’all 🙂

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