Daily Health Tips: I Like Beans But It Makes Me Feel Bloated!

Q: Hello my great doc! I know that beans is good for the body but I’m scared eating of beans because anytime I eat beans my belly troubles me for 3 days. I do go to toilet just to gas air & I cannot eat anything to my fill. What is d cause & what can I do or take? Thanks a lot

A: Hi dear, thanks for writing in. Feeling gassy or bloated after eating beans is a problem that some people have to deal with. Bloating essentially is due to specific foods eaten and how they were taken.

I reproduce below, a post I had made on this subject:

Have you ever been embarrassed by a growling stomach, a burp that came from nowhere or just that feeling of ‘gasiness’ (I’m not even sure this is a real word!). Well, you’re not alone. Millions, the world over have also experienced this.

‘Excess gas’ is produced in the body when we swallow it or when our body produces it as a result of what we have eaten. We are more likely to swallow air when we eat very fast, when we chew gum, drink through a straw or suck on hard candies.

Certain foods also cause our bodies to also produce more gas eg beans, whole wheat grains, carbonated drinks, fruits like apples. Now these are mainly healthy foods (minus the carbonated drinks) and so we are not about to ask you to stop eating them 😀 What you can do since you have this problem is to reduce the amounts of these foods that you eat.

You could keep a food diary to identify the specific foods that cause this problem for you and then, reduce those.

For more on this subject, please click on this link: https://chatwithdrketch.com/2013/11/23/daily-health-tip-bloating/

Have a fab night, peeps 😀

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2 Responses to Daily Health Tips: I Like Beans But It Makes Me Feel Bloated!

  1. Toyin says:

    Pls Dr. What should I do? I had a treating abortion and it was evacuated on Fri. 21st Aug. During d process I was told by my Dr dat I had toilet infection and it was treated but After 4 day I notice dat d blood did not stop so I inform my Dr and I was told to go for a pelvic scan which I did and d result shows incomplete abortion. D re-evacuation was done on Fri. 28th of Aug (8 days after d first one) but up till now blood is still coming though very light and not heavy so I am disturbed bcos today make it 2 weeks thank u.


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