Daily Health Tips: I Like Beans But It Makes Me Feel Bloated!


Q: Hello my great doc! I know that beans is good for the body but I’m scared eating of beans because anytime I eat beans my belly troubles me for 3 days. I do go to toilet just to gas air & I cannot eat anything to my fill. What is d cause & what can I do or take? Thanks a lot

A: Hi dear, thanks for writing in. Feeling gassy or bloated after eating beans is a problem that some people have to deal with. Bloating essentially is due to specific foods eaten and how they were taken.

I reproduce below, a post I had made on this subject:

Have you ever been embarrassed by a growling stomach, a burp that came from nowhere or just that feeling of ‘gasiness’ (I’m not even sure this is a real word!). Well, you’re not alone. Millions, the world over have…

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