Daily Health Tips: Regurgitation After Breastfeeding


Q: Good morning Doc. Please, what will I do? Anytime I finish giving my child breast milk and keep him on his bed, he will vomit all the milk. After a little while, he will begin to search for another feed, but he is healthy. Please, tell me what to do because he stresses me.

A: Thanks for writing in.

Please don’t be stressed 😀 The post below written in response to a mum like yours, should answer your question. Enjoy….

Q: Good afternoon Dr Ketch. I have a 3-week old son who vomits sometimes after breastfeeding. Please I will like to know what causes it and what I can do to remedy it. I intend to do 6months exclusive breastfeeding. Thank you and remain blessed

A: Hi dear, congratulations on your new baby. This baby will do super-amazing awesome things…Amen!

Now, is your baby ‘vomiting’ or spitting up the…

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