Daily Health Tips: Why Do I Sweat Excessively Even When It’s Cold?


Q: Good evening, Doctor! I have been having severe sweating all over my body. The most disgusting one is that most of the time I sweat uncontrollably on my leg even on a cold day! Please what’s wrong with me because it’s bringing a lot of shame to me!!

A: Sweating is normal during strenuous physical activity and in warm weather. In fact, as we sweat and it evaporates, we actually feel cooler. Unfortunately, for some people sweating is an issue as they ‘appear’ to pour the stuff by the buckets or would start the day with patches of sweat on their under-arms etc. This inevitably leads to body odour.

However, there may be other medical causes for your sweats. Symptoms that may suggest medical causes include night sweats, generalized sweating all over the body, worsening sweats etc

Medical causes of excessive sweating include Diabetes Mellitus, Stress, thyroid problems, pregnancy…

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