Daily Health Tips: Is Garlic Good For My Health?

Q: Ma’am, what is garlic useful for?

A: Well, garlic has been found to have useful functions in the body. For details read the post below:

Q: What functions do ginger and garlic serve in our bodies?

A: These are two great food seasonings. For people who use a lot of salt ordinarily, using these spices help to put the zing back in your food…they add a little something extra, such that you don’t miss the salt that much.

But, they are also healthy and good for you 😉

Garlic: Yes, I know it gives you stinky breath but it is amazingly super Healthy!

Funny…but it could very well be the sulfur compounds causing that odor that also stop cancer-causing substances from forming in your body, speed DNA repair, and kill cancer cells.

Garlic also battles bacteria, including H. pylori (the one connected to some ulcers and stomach cancer), and it reduces the risk of colon cancer.

To get the most benefit, peel and chop the cloves and let them sit 15 to 20 minutes before cooking. That activates enzymes and releases the sulfur-containing compounds that have the most protective effect

And…by the way, stick with the fresh cloves. Dried garlic is devoid of its important healthy components!

Ginger: When you chew ginger, gingerols come out and are helpful in preventing nausea and high blood pressure.

So, spice away, people and have a great day 😀

Here’s to a healthier you!

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