Should Children Be On A Diet?

Q: Is this diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains applicable to children? I feel that, because they are growing, they need sugar and the likes.

A: You are certainly right. They need sugar to fuel all that activity that makes parents continually yell, ’what’s going on there?’ 😀 But, it’s probably not the sugar that you meant…that is, refined sugar from baked goods, soft drinks etc.

So what should they eat? Pretty much the same diet requirements as you but with varying calorie needs at different ages.
Serve a variety of fruits and vegetables, especially those in season. They are cheap and readily available. Serve a variety of different coloured fruits and veggies. And remember that fruit juices are not as good as fresh fruits themselves (they are loaded with sugar and even if you don’t see sugar on the label, the ‘concentrate’ you do see is loaded with it!). An exception to this would be 100% fruit juice.

Whole grains found in brown/local rice, oats, whole wheat bread and popcorn too (yep! popcorn :D. But be sure not to douse them with sugar or salt) etc provide complex carbs and fibre for that feeling of fullness and of course great bowel movement with no constipation 😀

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  1. kckadiri says:

    Please I need your help. My wife has been experiencing some issues as if she is pregnant. This has been really long time. What should we do?


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