Daily Health Tips: Severe Cramps During Menstrual Period

Q: Hi Doctor Ketch, I always have severe cramps during my period. What can I do to reduce or stop the pain?

A: Menstrual cramps can take the very joy out of living…at the time you have them. However, if this is a regular, you may want to anticipate this pain by starting on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (this includes drugs like ibuprofen) few days before the expected arrival of the period. Be sure to take these drugs with meals and they ae not adviseable for people with Peptic Ulcer Disease. However, if self help remedies do not work, please see your doctor to get checked out and rule out other causes of severe menstrual pain like endometriosis ( or fibroids.this is a situation where some tissue of the womb/uterus grow outside of the uterus)

For more on self-help tips to combat menstrual pain, please click on the links below:




Have a good night, people 😀

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