Daily Health Tips: Does My Sugar Craving Worsen Menstrual Cramps?

Q: Good day Doc. Please I have a friend who likes sugary food a lot and consumes at least 2 bottles of soft drinks a day. She usually experiences severe menstrual cramps monthly. My question is, ‘is menstrual cramps worsened by consumption of sugary food and drinks?’


A: Okay, I’m sure that we can all (okay, maybe not all of us 😀 Just us, ladies, right?) empathize with this lady who craves sugary or sweet foods and chocolates during her menstrual period. Why does this happen?

Usually, food cravings occur when there is low blood sugar. During a menstrual period, the hormones in a woman’s body run amok 😀 and it is thought that there is an increase in insulin sensitivity. Insulin is the hormone released when food is eaten and causes sugar to be taken into the cells. When refined foods like pastries, sweetened drinks etc are taken, it causes a quick increase in blood sugar which stimulates the insulin to move it all into the cells. Insulin sensitivity means that the cells are even more receptive to the effects of insulin, ensuring that all of the sugar is moved into the cells. This causes the blood sugar to dip very quickly too and thus signals are sent to the brain that the body is starving….can you beat that?  😀 This body that just wolfed down gallons of calories/sugar?! And so, the person just wants to eat even more of the same foods causing a vicious cycle. Remember that whatever sugar the body cannot use immediately is converted to fat.

Then, it is also thought that there is a reduction in the substance, Serotonin, which is a ‘feel good’ substance in the brain; thus, taking chocolate (which increases the level of this substance) helps to  make up for the mood swing. It may also be that chocolate helps take care of an iron, magnesium or calcium deficiency. Taking calcium supplements or other calcium-rich foods will be more helpful to your health and waistline 😀 None of these chocolate theories have been proven for a fact…but it does give you a reason to indulge, doesn’t it? Well, snap out of it, sista!!! Remember, a second on the lips, a lifetime on the hips! 😀

So, eating sugary foods during the period worsens your blood sugar fluctuations and also worsens cramps by causing constriction of blood vessels. So, stay well away 😀

As we round off our activities for today, remember to say a word of prayer for the Chibok girls kidnapped from their school. This has got to be on the front burner until our girls are brought back home, safe and sound  #BringBackOurGirls


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