Daily Health Tips: All About Menstruation.

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In response to those people who asked for tips on menstruation to be put up here, I reproduce my posts on menstruation.

Q: Good day Doc, a woman that is having a painful menstruation, such as waist pain, body pain, stomach pain and heavy body during menstruation, please what’s the cure for that?

A: Cramps usually occur as the uterus tries to get rid of the foreign body, in this case, blood within it. Cramps appear, sometimes, to be more of an issue for some girls than the actual menstruation itself. For most girls, in the first few years of starting their periods, they usually do not have cramps and when these cramps eventually start showing up, they usually last for a few days.

Some time-tested remedies include hot baths, hot water bottles applied to the area of pain and pain relief using over the counter analgesic drugs may be helpful. If analgesics have to be taken, these should be started as soon as the cramps start or even as soon as period starts in order to be effective. Remember not to exceed recommended doses.

Also stay away from alcohol and caffeine which worsen cramps.

As for the ‘heavy body’, I assume you are referring to bloating. Avoid salt and salty foods and alcohol during your menstrual periods as these cause your body to retain more water and worsen bloating.

Drink a lot of water and complex carbohydrates. They reduce water retention and fill your tummy without being unnecessarily heavy.

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  1. uche says:

    hello dr k, please kindly advice me on what to do when u an irregular flow of your menstruation, thank


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