Daily Health Tips: Why Do I Have Candidiasis Around The Time Of My Menstrual Period?

Q: Well done Dr. Please, I have this itching vagina for which I was given Fluconazole and some other antifungal drugs for insertion and after taking them, the situation still occurred again. I went to another clinic and was given the same drugs and Ciprotab. But I still feel this itching especially after my menses. Please, what else can I do because I am TTC (trying to conceive)?

Q: Good day ma’am. My vagina sometimes itches especially when I am about starting my period. What is wrong?

A: Vaginal thrush, which is one of the commonest causes of vaginal itching with thick creamy white vaginal discharge. It occurs when the normal balance in the vagina is distorted allowing yeast to overgrow the area.
Conditions that can lead to this thrush include:
• Pregnancy
• Diabetes Mellitus
• Changes in menstrual cycle as described in the two cases above
• Oral Contraceptive use
• Antibiotic use
• Not changing out of wet clothes immediately eg swim suits
• Not wiping from the front to the back after using the toilet
• Using douches, perfumed sprays and perfumed soap in the genital area
• Wearing tight clothes and tight undergarments

So, even if treatment has been received and one complied 100% with it, not addressing the issues mentioned above may lead to recurrence.

If the lifestyle issues have been addressed and yet the episodes still recur, please see your doctor to rule out a medical cause like Diabetes Mellitus….or perhaps pregnancy for the first case 🙂

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Welcome to the month of November y’all and have a great week 😀

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4 Responses to Daily Health Tips: Why Do I Have Candidiasis Around The Time Of My Menstrual Period?

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  4. deborah says:

    Hi Dr ketch. I really love ur work here. Pls ma, after my period I always have a virginal discharge which goes frm creamy sticky to a tiny one like water. It leaves my pant stiff as well. I am ttc Nd I’ve been told I av fibroid. I ve tried using some anti biotics drugs n pessary to no avail. What is the cause of this and the solution


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