Daily Health Tips: Can I Use Tissue Paper To Clean Up After Having IUD Inserted?

Q: Hello doctor how are you doing? Please, I just did coil family planning (IUD). The midwife told me not to use tissue or water to wash my Vagina to avoid infection… that the best thing for me is to live it like that after urinating. And also my hubby should not finger me while having sex so that it won’t shift. Thanks. Please I hope the coil will not shift if I’m doing tummy exercise.

A: Thanks for writing in and I’m still shaking my head in amazement about all the words of advice the midwife dispensed. Now, if this same midwife was the one who inserted the IUD, my first advice will be for you to go to another hospital and get it checked out. We need to be sure that this was properly inserted to start with.

People with IUDs are not sentenced to a life of boredom and no fun, No! You can absolutely exercise. And please clean up after you have urinated. If you don’t, then the urine and other secretions accumulate on your panties and make the area nice, warm and moist and a wonderful culture medium for micro-organisms to thrive.
If she says not to use water to wash your vagina, did she perhaps suggest an alternative? A douche (or any concoction of water, vinegar etc? If she did, please do not use any of those. They are more likely to mess with the normal environment of your vagina causing fungal organisms to overgrow.

The IUD is in your uterus (womb) and not your vagina and so, it is hardly likely that your hubby would get that high. Having said that, the string can be felt high up in the vagina (by the cervix) and indeed it may be even be a good idea to have your hubby (with squeaky clean hands :D) feel for it before and after sexual intercourse just to confirm that it is still there. I will say moderation is key and if you’re particularly bothered about specific aspects of your sexual routine with your hubby that might affect this, please be sure to check with your doctor. Other than that, you can generally carry on with your life as before.

General information about IUDs:
• They are more than 99% effective
• You and your partner cannot feel the IUD either during sexual intercourse or while checking for it
• Your partner may however be able to feel the string during sexual intercourse and the string can also be felt if a finger is into the vagina.
• People who have inserted IUDs may feel abdominal cramps or lower back ache for a few weeks after insertion
• Bleeding in between periods may also happen.
• There is a risk of infection if the user of IUD or her sexual partner have other sexual partners.

For more on IUDs, please click on the link below:


Generally, check for the presence of inserted IUDs after every period.

Have a good night, y’all 😀

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