Daily Health Tips: I Am Diabetic And Always Have Itchy Genitals

Q: Good morning Doctor. Please help me. I have diabetes. I am 27 but the problem is that my vagina is itchy and sometime I forget to take drugs.
A: Your itching is likely to be due to a fungal infection (vaginal thrush). Diabetics are more prone to vaginal infections as the sugar in urine and the warmth of the vagina, creates an irresistible, rich culture medium for infections. So, obviously maintaining a good control of blood sugar is critical to the success of any treatment instituted as this situation will just keep recurring if blood sugar isn’t addressed. Apart from blood sugar, management of candidiasis in diabetics is pretty much the same as that for other people. This includes the use of anti-fungal agents as a pessary which is inserted into the vagina or as a tablet which is swallowed or even as a cream which may be used on the outer parts of the vagina. Your doctor will confirm this diagnosis and advice on what to use.
Prevention of this involves ensuring that you change out of clothes as soon as possible eg after swimming, Avoiding tight fitting undies, not abusing antibiotics etc.
If you do everything to prevent vaginal thrush, but do not watch your blood sugar, then you have not done much work because the vagina will be continually fed with the rich sugar that encourages infections. Ensure that you are doing everything to keep your blood sugar low.
The focus is on being lean (watching your diet, watching your portions and eating healthier…veggies, complex carbs and fruits under the advice of your dietitian, of course) and being active (ensure that you get at least 150 minutes of exercise per week spaced out into 30-minute intervals 5 days a week or one-hour intervals 3 times a week). If you are on medications, please follow your doctor’s prescriptions and be regular with taking the medications. You can’t take them when you feel like…you have got to take them as prescribed by your doctor.
When people are diagnosed with chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes Mellitus, HIV/AIDS etc they tend to look at it like life sentences. But it is not so! With the right lifestyle changes and compliance with medication, one can live a full and fulfilled life.
Have a great weekend, y’all 😀
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