Daily Health Tips: Abnormal Discharge After Menstrual Period

Q: Good morning ma’am, please I need an advice. After my monthly cycle, I always wet my panties for about one week and some days, with very bad odor. It usually takes up to one week and some days before the odor and the discharge stop; then everything will be normal. It normally starts dropping when my menstrual cycle is rounding up, and it also drops like, menstrual cycle that’s ending. This makes me sometimes think that it’s still part of my menstrual period. But it always stops after some days and then the next menstrual cycle comes up at the expected time.

A: Vaginal discharge is normal and generally helps to keep the vagina healthy. The quantity of discharge varies with menstrual cycle with the most amount of discharge being experienced around the time of ovulation. There is usually a slight odour associated with this discharge but it should not be offensive and should never cause problems like itching or burning sensations.
Generally, you should look out for changes in your vaginal discharge as some may indicate a problem. Examples include:

• Changes in colour eg greenish, brownish etc
• Changes in smell eg fishy smell
• Development of itching or burning sensation
• Increase in quantity of discharge
• Bleeding or spotting outside of menstrual period
• Change in texture eg cheese texture

In your case, the smell is worrisome…you haven’t really told me much about colour or texture. Please see your doctor for a proper evaluation and diagnosis.

Remember that keeping your vagina healthy involves wearing cotton underwear, not abusing antibiotics, not washing your vagina with scented soaps, cleaning from front to the back after using the toilet etc

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