Daily Health Tips: Should I Add Vinegar to My Bath Water For Intimate Cleaning?

Q: Good day, Dr. Please, is it wise for a woman to add a little vinegar into warm water to cleanse her private part?

A: Well, adding vinegar to the water is like making a ‘home-made’ douche 😀 And douching is discouraged. It messes with the normal vaginal flora (the normal and useful bacteria which live in the vagina) and causes overgrowth of the environment with unwanted organisms like candida.
To wash your private part, clean water and your hands doing the cleaning is sufficient. You may also use non-perfumed soap, if you prefer. Perfumed soaps may cause an irritation in some people.
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Take out time to recharge your batteries this weekend. I intend to spend quality time catching up with my bed 😀

Have a great weekend people 😀

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7 Responses to Daily Health Tips: Should I Add Vinegar to My Bath Water For Intimate Cleaning?

  1. tali isabel says:

    Gud day ma my sumtyms my vagina itch especially when am about starting my period what is wrong


  2. diddy says:

    Good evening Dr Ketch,

    What can I take to tackle the frequent urge to throw up as I am 3 weeks pregnant?

    Thank you.


    • Please search for pregnancy on this blog and you will find my posts on this. Some people use bland foods like crackers (biscuits) but I always preferred fruits that are tart (sour) to taste. Preferences differ from person to person. Read my posts and see


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