Daily Health Tips: How Can I stop Drinking Alcohol?

Q: I drink too much alcohol. I want to stop but I’m failing. What can I do please?

A: You have done the first thing which is make a decision that this has to stop. I wish I could tell you that that was your hardest decision….unfortunately, I can’t. It will get slightly tougher before it gets better…but you can very well do it.

You can stop gradually by reducing the number of times you drink in a day and then a week, month etc.

Or you can quit cold turkey by stopping all at once.

If you choose this the under-listed may be helpful:
• First set a date by which you want to stop and stick with it.
• Discuss your decision with your family and friends and hopefully, they will support you through the process.
• Stay away from your usual hangouts where you’re usually tempted to take alcohol
• You may also want to reduce visits/interactions with your drinking buddies who may make you backslide 🙂
• Find new hobbies that keep your mind busy and help you maintain your resolve.
• If you drink more than two alcoholic drinks each day, drinking less will help to lower your blood pressure. A regular-sized bottle or can of beer or a regular-sized glass of wine are each equal to a single alcoholic drink.
• Remind yourself of the diseases associated with alcohol like hypertension, cancer, Diabetes Mellitus, diseases of the pancreas and liver, psychological and psychiatric problems, loss of libido etc

For a related topic, please click on the link below:


So, make the commitment to stop and remind yourself everyday why you are doing this.

All the best…be sure to share the good news when you’re done.

Have a good night, people 😀

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