Daily Health Tips: What Is Douching?

Q: Good morning Dr Ketch, I liked your page some weeks back and I must say it’s quite educational. May God continually bless you. Please Dr, I need you to throw more light for me on the word “douching” Thanks

A: Thanks to all of you who like this page and visit every day for health tips. I’m glad to have touched your lives in some way 😀
Douche is a French word which means to clean or soak. People who douche usually inject/spray a mixture of water and vinegar into their vagina. Other douches contain antiseptics and fragrance too. They believe that douching serves one or more of the following functions:

• Cleaning the vagina
• Cleaning out menstrual blood after a period
• Prevent pregnancy
• Prevent STIs
• Get rid of odour

Unfortunately, douching serves none of those purposes and indeed, may even be harmful.

To clean the vagina during or after a menstrual period, one does not really need anything other than water. Mild, unscented soap may also be used on the outside. Douching disturbs the natural balance between the good and bad bacteria which live in the vagina, causing other organisms like yeasts to over grow the vagina. So avoid this and other scented feminine hygiene products.

Douching does not prevent pregnancy as loads of sperm may have already swum up to the womb before douching is done, after sexual intercourse. In fact, for those that may not have reached the womb (uterus), the force of douching may very well help deposit the sperm firmly in the uterus 😀 Talk about a boomerang!

STIs cannot be prevented by douching. In fact, if anything, if there is a vaginal infection, douching can actually push it all the way up to the fallopian tubes, potentially. These may lead to pregnancy complications in baby, labor and indeed, preterm delivery.

The vagina has a natural musky smell and one doesn’t really need douching for this. If, however, one suspects that the smell is foul and the discharge, thick, white and cheesy or even yellowish/green, there is pain when urinating and during sexual intercourse, a visit to the doctor would be helpful in making a proper diagnosis.

In summary, leave douching well alone! 😀

Have a good night y’all 😀

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    Pls Dr I need to talk to you pls, I like ur page and am going through some heavy heart now pls.


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