Daily Health Tip: Sudden Death

Hello everyone, you’ll have to forgive me today. I did promise to discuss weight loss today, but I’d like to take a rain check till tomorrow. Forgive me? Thanks

Today, I’d like to talk about the unpredictable nature of life…especially the concept of sudden death. We all hear about it but kind of assume that we are immune to it. Yesterday, I got the news of the sudden passing of a good friend. He just slumped and died; he didn’t give any of us a chance to say good bye. When I got the news, I started wondering whether we’d spent enough time talking the last time we saw, whether I’d returned that phone call etc. I guess it was all in a bid to prolong his life in my head…if that makes any sense, at all.

And so my friends, as the year draws to an end and we all get busy with ‘busyness’ (which is a lot of activity but with no real work being produced), racing around trying to spend all the cash we spent the year making, spend a moment to consider yourself.

Listen to your body…oftentimes it gives you the warning sign before something happens. You wake up exhausted on most days, can’t seem to get your energy level up, chest pain which is ignored etc. Check the symptoms out and indeed check yourself out. Make an end of year resolution to have an annual medical check every year…you can start from this year; eat healthier…start replacing most of your carbs with more veggies, one step at a time until your plate resembles the ideal plate filled with veggies on half the plate, protein on a quarter of the plate and complex carbohydrates on the last quarter. Exercise…walk dance, do anything that gets you moving. Whatever you do, just make every effort to live healthier.

You really do not know what you have until you lose it…and that includes the life and the health we all take for granted.

Stay healthy guys…and stay alive.

I still hope it’s a bad dream and my friend, Chinedu is alive and well, watching all the drama……I wish!

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