Daily Health Tip: Weight loss (facts and fiction)

Hello everyone, it is the last day of the year!!! Thank you all so much for the love you showed me yesterday. You all touched my heart 🙂

Today, as part of the readers’ choice topics, we will discuss weight loss. There’s so much to talk about and I’ll also try to weigh in on some facts and fiction too.

I have a lot of people who write in and tell me that they don’t know why they add weight because they hardly eat! Now, I have never seen anyone who stays off food and actually gains weight. That would be an interesting study! For this group, the main problem is what is actually eaten when they do eat. Sometimes, people tell me, the only thing I’ve eaten all day is biscuits and a bottle of soft drink. The thing about biscuits and soft drinks is that they contain empty calories which give you a quick feeling of fullness, quickly followed by more hunger pangs…and then you find yourself reaching for more biscuits. If however, you were to eat a complex carbohydrate or even fruits, they keep you feeling fuller for longer…and so you avoid the temptation to eat more.

Some people also write in to ask me about slimming pills or green tea or any of those wonder drugs that make you shed weight on ‘seconds’ and instruct you never to eat of specific classes of foods. Let’s use green tea as an example. Green tea is great and studies have shown that it speeds up metabolism and so helps you break down all the food you’ve taken in, faster. However, weight gain is  a function what you’ve taken in and what you’ve taken out. If you take in 3000 calories and you’re able to burn only 500 calories, then clearly, there is some excess that will get converted to fat et al. Remember that some of our ‘snack’ like some burgers pack as much as 500 to 600 calories in one serving….and that’s just one meal (or maybe even snack ) with 3 more meals and perhaps another snack to account for. And so, if you are loading your system with more food than you need, then even the purest of green teas is going to have a hard time keeping up with your metabolism…there’s just too much work to do what with all that food! :D. Remember that generally, women are entitled to 2000 calories intake in a day and men are entitled to 2500.

Some ask, can I lose weight without exercise? You can…if you watch your portions. However, exercise is useful for more than just weight loss. Exercise makes your heart strong and reduces your risk of other ailments.

And then some ask, I eat only once a day, how can I possibly add weight with that? If you eat once a day, chances are you snack on other things during the day that you do not consider as food…it could very well be cookies etc. But even if you don’t snack on anything, chances are that when you eat once, you binge and essentially make up for all the meals that you didn’t eat during the day….and so we’re back to square 1 :D. Remember that you’re actually allowed up to five small meals in a day. 3 main meals and 2 snacks.

So these are some points to ponder for today as we go about our business and our parties 😀

Tomorrow, we will talk about how to go about this business of losing weight. Remember y’all, it is hard work and determination. No fancy tablets to help you deal with it here 😀

Have a great day.

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  5. divine says:

    Good day ma. my is not a comment but an issue. I have written several times in your inbox. I had pile which I have done surgery for 20years ago and now is back again. I can not sit or go to ease myself without my anus coming out. I don’t want to go through surgery again. And other thing my period only last for two days than drop little before the fourth day


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