Daily Health Tips: I’m Not Comfortable With How Fat My Fiancée Is. Any Magic Pill For Him?

Q: Good afternoon Ma’am. My fiancee is fat and I’m not comfortable with it. Also, our traditional marriage is due this December. Can you prescribe a diet or drug for him to slim down? I will surely appreciate it if you respond to my message. And also I watched your programme on Silverbird yesterday about proteins. Ma’am instead of wheat and egusi soup can one eat ground oats and egusi…which one is better?

A: Now, this certainly sounds like a woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to say so 😀 So, fiancee dear, you’d better watch out and do something about that weight fast! 😀

Okay, more seriously…have you shared your concerns with him? Did he recently start adding weight or has he been like that al along? I’m not asking to pass judgement really….because there’s no law against changing your mind about what you like or don’t like 🙂 But perhaps, if you shared your concern with him, he would want to do something about this. He needs to understand that this is something very important to you and your future life together

To practical solutions, there’s no magic wand tablet that makes it all go away. Hmmm, that’s not really true, so I’ll re – phrase. There are a number of take-a-tablet-daily-for-10-days-and-you’ll-lose-all-that-weight-in-the-same-period tablets and fad diets, but what these tablets and diets do is that they make you lose a lot a lot of water weight, which makes you feel like you’re losing weight and then once you go off the tabs or fad diet, you pile it all on again. So, the only solution I proffer is plain hard work.

Now, this is where you come in. You can get your fiancee to live healthier in a fun way. You can register both of you for a dance class. It’s a fun way of bonding with him while losing oodles of calories. You can also take evening walks daily when he comes visiting and when you’re not together, encourage him to do same. Visit his house and make things a bit more inaccessible to encourage him to move eg maybe move the water dispenser to a farther point (so he has to walk further to get water) etc. Make him understand the importance of activity, at least, 30 minutes everyday.

For food, remember the architecture of a healthy plate? Half of It should be filled with fruits and veggies, a quarter with complex carbs like oatmeal, sweet potatoes, local rice etc and the last quarter filled with protein (preferably white protein like chicken and fish). Get him to buy healthier snacks to keep around the house for when he wants to snack, work with him on trying out healthier methods of cooking etc

More importantly, reassure him of your love and the fact that you want to grow old with him. You want him to live long enough to see your children (teach them to play soccer, walk them down the aisle when they are getting married etc), your grandchildren and indeed, great grandchildren:D

For more on weight loss, please click on the links below:




I’m sure it will all work out. Congratulations in advance 😀

And yes, you can have oatmeal and Egusi…awesome combination 🙂

Good night, y’all 😀

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2 Responses to Daily Health Tips: I’m Not Comfortable With How Fat My Fiancée Is. Any Magic Pill For Him?

  1. jamila ibrahim says:

    Gud evening doctor,hope u had a nice weekend?please,what should I take to become fat?i have taken multivitamins but it only makes me sleep,i am still the way I am.i want to add up please.


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