#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Why Is My Stool Green?


Q: It’s been two weeks now and my poop is green. What does that mean?

A: This question reminds me of an old show I used to watch, ‘You
are what you eat.’ It involved amongst other things, an examination of stool to
determine ones diet and body. I found it fascinating…useful but also disgusting!

Stool can take a variety of colours depending on diet and the
quantity of bile in the faeces. Bile is initially bright green in colour and
gets progressively darker/brown as the bile is acted on by chemicals and
bacteria on its journey through the intestines.

Let’s take a look at different colors of poop and what they mean –
this sounds absolutely disgusting! 😀

Brown – Normal stool colour. Bilirubin in blood, when broken down,
ends up in the intestine. It is then acted upon by gut bacteria, which turn it

White –…

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