Daily Health Tips: My Hubby is Rhesus Positive and I Am Rhesus Negative. Is My Baby At Risk?


Q: Good evening Dr, your tips are really helpful. I am O NEG while my hubby is O positive. I am AA and he is AS. I had an abortion before we got married though. Right now I am about 38wks pregnant now but my Doc said I should have taken an injection before getting pregnant because our blood groups are incompatible to avoid fresh still birth. I have been so scared. Since on 31st August, I’ve been feeling pains in my abdomen and waist. I don’t know if it is labour.

A: Hello dear, you’re technically ready to deliver and so the pains you’re having may very well be labour. Please visit the hospital to check it out…especially given that you have no experience to compare the pains with.
The fact that you’re AA and your husband is AS, is not really an issue and is not the reason…

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