#HLWDK Daily Health tips: More Food Hygiene Tips

More food hygiene tips…

Once you have opened a can of food, take the food out of the can before storing it in the fridge to prevent food contamination with metal

De-frost food completely before cooking & if you’re in a hurry de-frost in a micro-wave oven.

If you store chicken or other meat in your fridge, be sure that it is not in contact with any other food to prevent food poisoning

Store meats in the bottom part of the fridge away from other foods to ensure that fluids from them don’t drip onto other foods when thawing

Do not store cooked meat together with raw meat to prevent transfer of germs. These germs can cause food poisoning

Buy green leafy veggies whole from the market, soak in a bowl of water that has salt or food-safe disinfectant in it & rinse before use

I hope these tips are helpful 😀

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