#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Food Hygiene Tips

Eggs can cause food poisoning. Ensure that egg dishes like scrambled eggs, French toasts  etc are well cooked with no hint of raw eggs

Chicken can  cause salmonella infection if you use the same chopping board or work surface used to prepare chicken to prepare other 

Worms in raw or slightly cooked fish can survive in the intestines of man & cause infections. Thus fish has to be properly cooked

If you use wooden chopping boards, please change them. Nicks and cuts on them can be rich reservoirs for germs.

If food has been cooked, be sure to store within 2 hours of preparation if you plan to keep in the fridge/freezer, to deter germs.

Clean your fridge often to ensure that you’re not actively growing germs in them and keep the temperature below 5°C

Storing hot foods straight in the fridge, increases the fridge temperature& encourages the growth of micro-organisms. 

Store foods that go bad easily towards the back of the fridge where it’s cooler eg milk and other dairy foods.

If your food is over-stocked, that’s also a problem as the cool air will not be able to circulate to keep your food cool & fresh 

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