Daily Health Tips: Causes Of Haemophilia


Q: Good morning Doc; what are causes of haemophilia?
A: Hallos. Thanks for writing in.
You take for granted the fact that when you have an injury, you may bleed but your body quickly acts to stop the bleeding by forming clots. Have you ever wondered how all that stuff that forms in front of wounds (the wound scabs) get there? I’m sure you’ve not. These are all things we take for granted…like breathing, until there comes a time when one can’t breathe! Okay, let’s not get too morbid 😀
There are, however, those people who do not take for granted the fact that when they bleed, the bleeding will stop because their bodies will release clotting factors that ensure they don’t bleed to death. For this group of people, their bodies lack clotting factors and thus, when they bleed, this could go on for a long…

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