Daily Health Tips: What Foods Can I Give My Baby From 6 Months?


Q: Hi Dr Ketch. I watched you on DSTV and I have a question. Please, give me a food time table to start with when my baby is 6 months. And timings, if possible. It’s a baby boy.

A: Hi dear. Congratulations on your new baby.

Your question is a favouirite for new mums. I reproduce below a post I had made on this.

Weaning can be a trying period for a mum…when should I start? What should I give? For how long? What if he doesn’t like it? Just like adults, a good number of babies are resistant to change. They are comfortable eating what they had been eating? Life was good…why do you want to change it???? 😀 Okay, that’s some babies. Others are more than happy to move on to the next stage!

When to start? At 6 months. From birth to 6 months, please focus on exclusive breastfeeding…

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