Daily Health Tips: Menstrual Flow With Clots After Having A Baby


Q: Hello Doctor. I just put to birth, one month plus now and I am having heavy menstrual flow with clots. A scan had been done but no retained products of conception were found; the uterus is clear. Please what should be done?

A: Bleeding after having a baby is normal. When the placenta separates from the wall of the womb, the open blood vessels start to bleed. And so for the first couple of days there is bleeding composed of blood, bacteria and tissue from the area of separation. In the first few days, the discharge is made up of more blood making it bright red in colour which changes to pinkish and eventually yellowish/whitish as the uterus contracts and seals up open blood vessels. This process is supposed to be over within 2 to 4 weeks. Some may extend to about 6 weeks!

Heavy bleeding that occurs within…

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