Daily Health Tips: 34/36-Day Menstrual Cycle


Q: Dear Dr Ketch, I am a 27 yr old girl and since August last year I’ve tracked my menstrual cycle and noticed it’s up to 34 days or 36 days in most cases. I’m really worried about it. Is there anything I can do about it? Or is there any drug or medication I can be placed on?? Please Dr help me! Thanks
A: There are various shades of ‘normal’ in menstrual cycles with the menstrual flow lasting between 2 to 8 days and the cycle lasting anything from 21 to 35 days. A reduction in flow (scanty period) is called hypomenrrhea (pronounced hai-po-men-oria) and a reduction in the number of days of flow to less than 3 days is called oligomenorrhea (oli-go-men-oria).
Now at the onset of puberty, the flow and cycle can vary from one cycle to the other; the same goes for the other…

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