Daily Health Tips: Faking Pregnancy!


Q: Doctor, please share with us the consequences of faking pregnancy for women that take drugs to get their stomach swollen as if they are pregnant. I’m really worried about the situation. I do hear such stories.
A: Hmm! Interesting question! There are usually 5 Fs that can cause a swollen tummy. They include fat, faeces, flatus, fetus and fluids. Taking any medication to cause a swollen tummy is definitely not in anyone’s best interests. If this is causing the body to retain unnecessary fluids, there are health risks involved including the potential for high blood pressure.
There are instances where women fake pregnancy for different reasons: pressure to get pregnant in their marital homes or trying to put pressure on partners to make a commitment (perhaps marriage) etc. By the way, the latter case can be sued to court 😀 It could also happen in schizophrenia (a…

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