Daily Health Tips: Bleeding Gums!


Q: Doctor, why do my gums bleed while I’m cleaning regularly?

A: Gum bleeding during regular cleaning may be due to a number of causes.

Gum Infection, wrong cleaning method, use of hard bristle brushes and, bleeding disorders could all cause this.

I would advise you be gentler in your brushing, it’s not how hard you brush that gets the teeth clean; it’s the method used.

Brushing in a circular motion removes all the particles in between the teeth and prevent holes forming in the teeth or other infection. Brushing from side to side is not a good method and should be avoided as the gums often get injured when using this method.

Brushing twice a day, spending at least 2-3 minutes on this activity is recommended. Use of saline gargles can also help. This is prepared using a glass of warm water, add half a teaspoon of salt, mix…

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