#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Tips For Healthy Skin


Q: What can I eat to have a lovely skin?

A: Hi dear, thanks for writing in.

I will give you general tips for keeping your skin, nice and healthy.

Moisturise, mositurise and moisturise! Long hot showers/baths may sound very tempting but they dry out your skin. Opt for short showers. Immediately after you have a bath/shower (with cold or warm water as opposed to hot water), pat your skin dry…leaving some moisture still on it, and then apply moisturizer at this time. This locks in the moisture. Look for moisturisers that contain ingredients like isopropyl palmitate, propylene glycol linoleate, squalene, and glycerol stearate, jojoba oil, lanolin, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, sorbitol, propylene glycerol, urea, and lactic acid (Long list, aye :D). These ingredients provide the mix of keeping the skin soft, smooth and pliable and then also draw moisture from the atmosphere to the skin’s surface increasing hydration.

If you…

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