#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Worm Infection


Q: What drug can I use to control worm in my stomach? It disturbs me after eating. My stomach makes noise after eating.

A: Hey! Thanks for writing in.

How do you know your symptoms are due to worms? Was your stool (faeces) examined? It’s important that you visit the health facility to get a proper diagnosis so that appropriate treatment can be started.

Having said that, worms oftentimes do not present with any symptoms but sometimes people with this infestation complain of non-specific symptoms of the digestive system (like your complaint).

So, what is a worm (helminth) infection? There are different types. I will explain a couple.

A) Ascariasis – This is a type of roundworm infection and is one of the most common types of worm infections. This infection is spread when a person comes in contact with ascaris eggs in soil mixed with human feces or infected…

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