Daily Health Tips: Why Do I Always Feel Sooo Tired?


Q: Dr. each time l return from work l look so unreasonably tired. What can I do?

A: I’m sure most people can identify with this. I’m assuming that beyond looking tired, you do feel tired too. That tiredness that appears to be a permanent fixture especially in a city like Lagos, Nigeria as we all attempt to out-run each other in the rat race 😀 In most instances where no specific medical ailment can be found, stress is the biggest culprit…what with multiple bills to pay, traffic, insurgency and terrorism etc

Other causes include:
• Psychological issues: Anxiety and depression
• Physical causes: Being under or overweight
• Lifestyle causes: Excessive alcohol abuse etc

To prevent this,
• Have a regular sleep routine and be sure that you have good sleep habits (no TVs in room, no work before bed time etc) and catch sufficient amounts of sleep daily.

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