Daily Health Tips: Why Does My 11-Year Old Daughter Have Painful Lumps In Her Underarms?


Q: Hello Dr Ketch, My eleven-year old daughter is having pains under her armpit with tiny swellings in one spot. Please help me. What is this and what do I do? Thanks.

A: Hallos 😀

Pain and swelling in the underarm can be very uncomfortable. There are a couple of things that can trigger these:

• Deodorants: These can cause skin irritation which can lead to boils. The delicate and sensitive skin of the underarms and the sweat that can accumulate there making it a rich culture medium for germs are factors that have been implicated. Solution: You may have to try another one…find one without fragrance or perhaps, formulated for sensitive skin. Reading the labels will provide this information 🙂

• Shaving: A lot of people can identify with this…bumps in the underarm after shaving. This can happen if you do not shave properly. Try shaving after taking a…

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