Daily Health Tips: Can I Re-Use Oil I Had Used For Frying?


Hello y’all. Had a great day? Since lots of cooking and eating happens over the weekends, our tip today is on how to re-use oil for frying safely…as presented on this blog before.

Re-using oil can be done safely. First, the focus is on oils that have a high smoking point. Smoking point, simply put, is the heat point at which the oil begins to smoke 😀 (Elementary, my dear Watson!). And so, oil that has smoked, is not good for use anymore. In fact, you can consider smoking point to be that point at which oil goes from good to bad! At that point, the oil breaks down and forms free radicals that can cause cancer. Oils like peanut (groundnut) and Soya oils have high smoking points and do not break down easily.

So, you can re-use the oil provided it didn’t get to smoking point, it didn’t foam…

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