Daily Health tips: Bathroom Hygiene


Every time I get a new cleaner, I am almost fanatical in teaching them to clean the toilet by myself. You know why? It’s because I have observed that most times when people clean the toilets, they just move the germs from one corner of the toilet to another. So, this is really no work done.

I also observe families where one towel is used by everybody. I certainly believe in sharing and family unity, but some things were just not meant to share.

Here are our top tips for maintaining hygiene in the toilet/bathroom
• Toilets and bathrooms are used every day. There’s no reason why they can’t be cleaned every day or at least disinfected and bath wiped down. Remember that bacteria thrives in moist and damp places.
• Ensure that you have some disinfecting fluid in the soapy water used for washing your toilet and bathroom. Even…

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