#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Brushing Those Teeth Right!

We often times focus a lot on the techniques for brushing our teeth and teaching children to brush their teeth and we hardly pay attention to the equipment for brushing. We want to rectify this. Here are our top tips for brushing teeth right.

• Use the right tooth brush:
Consider the size of your mouth or your children’s mouths when picking a toothbrush. You shouldn’t have to strain to accommodate the toothbrush in your mouth. The handle should also be very comfortable. Remember, the more comfortable the equipment is, the more likely your children are to use it frequently.

• Pick the right bristles:
We’ve always thought that the harder the bristles are the better they get the job done…right? Wrong! The bristles should be firm enough to get the job done but not so hard as to damage or aggravate the gums.

• Duration and Frequency of brushing:
Ideally brushing should be for about two minutes. To ensure that this is done, mentally divide your teeth into four quadrants/sections and try to spend at least 30 seconds on each quadrant.
Frequency should be between two to three times per day. Remember that too much time between brushings allows plaque to build up, increasing the risk of gum inflammation and other problems.

• Finish up with a rinse
Imagine the bacteria rendered homeless while brushing. Now imagine leaving them on that tooth brush ready to re-infect you while brushing the next time. Eew! I’m sure you don’t want that. Be sure to give the tooth brush a good rinse after use.

Finally, be sure that your toothbrush is not positioned too close to your Water Closet. Imagine all the germs being released into the air finding a ready home in your tooth brush close by, as the polluted water vapour settles after the toilet is flushed! :O Better still, flush with the toilet lid down.

Have a great week ahead!

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