Daily Health Tips: What Is The Cause of Brown Coloured And Blood Stained Breast Milk?


Q: Hi Dr Ketch, Please, let me know what is responsible for flow of brownish breast milk, occasionally mixed with blood? What step should be taken to control it if need be.

A: Brownish breast milk usually signifies broken down products of blood in breast milk and the occasional appearance of ‘frank’ blood in the case above, appears to confirm that this may be the case. The appearance of frank or altered blood in breast milk is not necessarily a serious issue but where in doubt, as usual, please see your doctor.

What would be the cause(s) of blood in breast milk?

• Growth of milk making cells: This is likely to cause blood in milk in the first few days of birth but usually does not persist beyond a week.
• Cracked nipples: This may occur due to difficulties with baby latching in to the nipple, a blocked nipple…

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